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Sinclair Executive Memory

Case style 1

Case style 2

Case style 3

Sinclair Executive Memory type 1
Sinclair Executive Memory type 2
Sinclair Executive Memory black

Sinclair Executive Memory

Display is 8 digits, red LED.

4-function, memory.

5.2v (4x button cells).

56 mm x 138 mm x 9 mm (2.2" x 5.5" x 0.4").

Introduced 1973.

Made in England

The incredibly small thickness for this stage in calculator development was attained by using button cells as the power source.
The keypad uses a very thin plastic membrane moulding to keep the thickness down. The actual keys are the tiny buttons in the centre of each pad area.

This model is found in at least three case styles, as shown above. Case style 1 (white and black) version is more common than the case style 2 and case style 3 versions.

Sinclair Executive Memory

Showing how thin the Sinclair Executive models are.

Sinclair Executive Memory
in case

Sinclair Executive Memory in presentation case, with soft pouch and instructions.

Black version

Black Sinclair Executive Memory

Frank Fröhn has kindly provided this photograph of an all-black Executive Memory. The only marking on it is the logo, which appears to be that of CBS (Columbia Broadcasting System), so it was probably supplied as a promotional item.

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