ANITA Desk Calculators Using LSI Integrated Circuits

Anita 1233D

Anita 1233D

Power supply - AC mains.

12 digits display using "Nixie"-type tubes.

4-functions, %, square root, 3 memories.  Uses normal algebraic logic, not RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) as on most of the other calculators of this series.

Uses LSI (Large Scale Integration) integrated circuits manufactured by Rockwell.  Rockwell 10562PA, 10177PA, 10178PA, 10179PB, 10180PA, 15003PC (here all date coded to late 1971 or mid-1972), & 40 transistors.

Introduced in 1972.

Made in England by Sumlock Anita Electronics Ltd, distributed by Sumlock Comptometer Ltd.

Anita1233D inside

Inside, showing the 12 "Nixie-type" display tubes.

Anita1233D circuit boards

Underneath the keyboard are the three main circuit boards.

Circuit boards

The circuit boards separated.

Main processing board

The main processing board with six Rockwell integrated circuits.

Keyboard Interface board

The Keyboard Interface board.

Decode board

The Decode board.

Advertisement for ANITA 1233P & 1233D

Advertisement for ANITA 1233P (Printing version) and 1233D (Display version), from April 1973.

Sales brochure for the ANITA 1233D (pdf format, courtesy of Matthew Mawson).

See also the ANITA 1233P, the version with the printer.

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