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Bowler Countess

Countess Sterling Adding Machine


Disk calculator providing addition only by dialling the required number on the gear wheels using a finger. Turning the little crank on the right clears the accumulator to zero.
These are a cheaper design than the Resulta type of disk calculator.

The machine above is marked Bowler Countess and is a £sd Sterling currency model, whereas the machine shown below has no name or manufacturer and is a decimal version.

135 x 170 x 130 mm (5.3" x 6.7" x 5.1").

This model marked "Foreign Made" was launched in Britain at the end of 1960, and was distributed by Bowler Products Ltd., of London.

The price of the Bowler Countess was £10 10s Sterling [about US$28].

Decimal version

These are fairly sturdily made but low-cost adding machines. There were also many cheaper all-plastic models from other manufacturers.

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