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2) List of Hand-held Calculators & Addendum to the Book "A Complete Collector's Guide to Pocket Calculators" by Guy Ball and Bruce Flamm.


These pages are updated regularly as new photographs and information become available.
We're always looking for new "slices" of the past, and  invite you to submit photos of pre-1980 calculators for possible use on this site.

For more photos of vintage calculators see our Calculator Related Sites Links page. There are especially extensive collections of photos of HP calculators on the HP Museum site and TI calculators on the datamath site.

Most of the photos in the photo library are Copyright 1996-2000 Guy Ball, and 2002-2006 Nigel Tout. Other photos are copyright of (and courtesy of) Doug Barrie, Rick Bensene, Mike Brehm, Thomas Brockmeier, Ed Dianic, Larry Gilbert, Philippe Leckler, Timo Leipala, Alex Knight, Ken Meine, John Robinson, Louis Skelton, Achim Stindt, Jack Thomas, Gene Wright, Mario & Heinz Wuest, and recent photos as crediteded. All rights reserved, but you can download them for personal use. Any posting or use of a photo on a website or in some other non-personal use, needs to have permission.

Note that most of the electronic calculators shown are from the early 1970's. In some cases, more accurate dating is difficult, if not impossible, with the limited knowledge we have. What we do know comes from old articles or ads, production date stamps on the calculators themselves, or some other remembrance by individuals. Most companies are no longer in existence and those that are did not keep good records.
Most of the calculators from Japanese and USA companies were sold in the USA. Calculators from other countries may have been, but we can't be sure (except for some Sinclair and Hanimex models, which were often available in the USA). When we indicate "Euro-market" we think they were only sold in European countries and not exported to the USA. The country of manufacture usually does not matter to where the unit was sold as many calculators (especially after 1973) were produced in the far east (Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, etc.)

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