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This page has links to photographs of apparently later LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) pocket calculators, that is those with the later type of LCD display with black digits on a grey background, probably manufactured in the 1980s. Although the rate of technical development of calculators had slowed down by this time it is still interesting in comparing the different models.

LCD displays are explained further in the Calculator Displays section.

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(T-A Vertriebs GmbH, Germany. A division of Litton Industries)


ADLER SOLAR-MINI (yellow LCD), early solar-powered, LCD, credit card size calculator, Japan, similar to Imperial SOLAR-MINI. Featured calculator. Nov. 18.

Boots (
British chain store - a company featured on British calculator site)

Boots 527

Boots 527 (grey LCD), scientific functions. Featured on British calculator site.

Casio (Japan)

Casio BQ-1100

Casio BQ-1100 "Biolator & Watch" (grey LCD), also capable of calculating the body's biorhythms (see the Kosmos I for an early biorhythm calculator) , 113x62x6mm / 4.4x2.4x0.25".

Casio PW-70

Casio PW-70, in time-mode (grey LCD), credit card size, 4 function, memory, clock, alarm, stop-watch, 59x92x7mm / 2.3x3.60.3".  Dec 18.

Hewlett Packard (U.S.A. company)

Hewlett Packard HP-12C

Hewlett Packard HP-12C (grey LCD), financial functions, very successful, introduced in September 1981 and still in production.  Mar 19.

Hewlett Packard HP-15C

Hewlett Packard HP-15C (grey LCD), advanced programmable scientific functions.  Mar 19.

Hewlett Packard HP-16C

Hewlett Packard HP-16C (grey LCD), computer scientist programmable functions.  Mar 19.

HP 32S

Hewlett Packard 32S HP 50th Anniversary special limited edition, (grey LCD), scientific.

Hewlett Packard HP-41CX

Hewlett Packard HP-41CX (grey LCD), with magnetic strip reader/recorder, introduced in 1983, the classic HP scientific programmable calculator of the 1980s.

Hewlett Packard HP-71B

Hewlett Packard HP-71B (grey LCD).  Is partly a "70" series hand-held computer and partly a follow on to the HP-41.

Imperial (T-A Vertriebs GmbH, Germany. A division of Litton Industries)

Imperial Solar Mini

IMPERIAL SOLAR-MINI (yellow LCD), early solar-powered, LCD, credit card size calculator, Japan, similae to Adler SOLAR-MINI. Featured calculator.

Logitech (Taiwanese company)

Logitech LC-100

Similar to the Logitech LC-100 (grey LCD), actually labelled only LC100 and the wallet case is marked "Compliments of KBI, a division of Cabot Corporation".  4-function, %, square root, memory, credit card size, Taiwan.  Feb 18.


Olympia LCD 230

Olympia LCD 230 (grey LCD), 4-function, %, memory, square root, square, reciprocal, 3v Lithium button cell, Japan, c1980-2.



Sanyo CX-1, early solar powered using "Amorton" amorphous silicon solar cell. Featured calculator.



Sharp ELSI MATE EL-206 (yellow LCD), inside, 4-function, %, square root, memory, 74x86x21mm / 2.9x3.4x0.8", c1980, Japan.

Sharp EL-207

Sharp ELSI MATE EL-207 (grey LCD), 4-function, %, square root, memory, 74x86x21mm / 2.9x3.4x0.8", Japan.

Sharp EL-208

Sharp ELSI MATE EL-208 (grey LCD), inside, 4-function, %, memory, 9v PP3 rep. batt., Japan. Feb 18.

Sharp EL-218

Sharp ELSI MATE EL-218 (grey LCD), inside, 4-function, %, square root, memory, c1981, Japan.

Sharp EL-515S

Sharp EL-515S (grey LCD), scientific, solar powered.

Sharp EL-825

Sharp EL-825 (grey LCD), early solar-powered, LCD, credit card size calculator, 1980, compare with TEC EC-205G. Featured calculator.

Sharp EL-826

Sharp EL-826 (grey LCD), early solar-powered, LCD almost credit card size calculator, ~1980. Featured calculator.

Sharp EL-863

Sharp EL-863 (grey LCD), early solar LCD credit card calculator.



TEC EC-205G (grey LCD), early solar-powered, LCD, credit card size calculator,compare with Sharp EL-825. Featured calculator.


Technico SB-806M

Technico SB-806M (grey LCD), 4-function, %, memory, solar-powered, has unusual hinge-up display.

Texas Instruments

TI Business Analysis II

Texas Instruments Business Analysis II.

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