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This page has links to photographs of vintage calculators on this website.
Click on a calculator to see a larger photograph of it, then click on your browser "Back" button to return to this page.
Calculators marked "Details" are not in the book "A Collector's Guide to Pocket Calculators", but details are in the section Calculator Book Addendum on this site.

Calate (Manufactured by Advanced Telecommunications Equipment Ltd., Woking, England.)

Calate 8

Calate 8. Featured on British Calculator site.


Supacal. Featured on British Calculator site.

Calculated Industries

CalculatedIndustries LoanArranger II

Calculated Industries "Loan Arranger II".


Calcumatic 860

Calcumatic 860.



Calcupen. Featured calculator .


Calcutron 802

Calcutron 802, in wallet.  The photograph in the instruction booklet is labelled Abatron 802, which is Featured on British calculator site .




Calfax 629

Calfax 629

Calfax 890P

Calfax 890P

Calfax 899S

Calfax 899S.

Caltech DataBrain II

Calfax DataBrain II (similar to Unifive Data Brain II, aka 301).


Calstar D-10

Calstar D-10

Calstar LED80M

Calstar LED80M. Details.


caltek 830D

caltek 830D.


Caltronic 606 (version 1)

Caltronic 606 (version 1).

Caltronic 606 (version 2)

Caltronic 606 (version 2), inside.

Caltronic 612

Caltronic 612, inside.

Caltronic 812

Caltronic 812, inside.


Candle 801M

Candle 801M.

Candle 808E

Candle 808E

Canon (Japanese company. See the Calculator Companies section for more information.)

Canon 8T “Sexagesimal Calculator”

Canon 8T "Sexagesimal Calculator", with time-mode.

Canon F-51

Canon F-51. Details.

Canon F71

Canon F71

Canon Multi 8

Canon Multi 8. Featured calculator.

Canon Canola L812

Canon Canola L812.

Canon Canola L813

Canon Canola L813.

Canon Canola L1010

Canon Canola L1010. Details.

Canon Palmtronic 8 (LD-84)

Canon Palmtronic 8 (LD-84).

Cannon Palmtronic F-7

Canon Palmtronic F-7.

Canon Palmtronic F41

Canon Palmtronic F41

Canon Palmtronic F-61

Canon Palmtronic F-61. Details.

Canon Palmtronic LD-8M2

Canon Palmtronic LD-8M2.

Canon Palmtronic LD-8M3

Canon Palmtronic 8M (LD-8M3).

Canon Palmtronic 8Ms

Canon Palmtronic 8Ms (LD-8Ms).

Canon LD-80

Canon Palmtronic LD-80.

Canon Palmtronic LE-10

Canon Palmtronic LE-10 on charger unit, insideFeatured calculator.

Canon Palmtronic LE-80

Canon Palmtronic LE-80

Canon Palmtronic LE-80M

Canon Palmtronic LE-80M, insideFeatured calculator.

Canon Palmtronic LE-80 R

Canon Palmtronic LE-80 R.

Canon Palmtronic LE81

Canon Palmtronic LE-81. Details.

Canon Palmtronic LE-81M

Canon Palmtronic LE-81M, with battery pack, inside. Details.

Canon Palmtronic LE-83

Canon Palmtronic LE-83.

Canon Palmtronic LE-85

Canon Palmtronic LE-85.

Canon Palmtronic LE-100

Canon Palmtronic LE-100. Details.

Canon Pocketronic

Canon Pocketronic. (One of earliest Japanese hand-held models - Fall '70/Spring '71). Featured calculator.

Canon Pocketronic II

Canon Pocketronic II, updated Canon Pocketronic. Featured calculator.

Canon TP8

Canon TP8


Carinco 474A

Carinco 474A (display not working properly), inside. Details.

Casio (Japanese company. See the Calculator Companies section for more information. Also made calculators for Boots)

Casio 8U

Casio 8U, Casio 8U and its twin the Sperry Remington 803C

Casio 101-MR

Casio 101-MR.

Casio 803MR

Casio 803MR. Details.

Casio 805MR

Casio 805MR. Details.

Casio AL-8

Casio AL-8. Featured calculator.

Casio AL-8S

Casio AL-8S. Featured calculator.

Casio AL-10

Casio AL-10. Featured calculator.

Casio College fx

Casio College fx. Details.

Casio CQ1

Casio CQ-1, in hand. Featured calculator.

Casio CQ2

Casio CQ-2

Casio F2

Casio F2.

Casio fx-10

Casio fx-10 and its twin the Sperry Remington SSR-8, the first Casio hand-held scientific calculator, has 10 functions so fx-10.

Casio fx-11

Casio fx-11, inside, note the half-height zero in the display of this model.

Casio fx-15

Casio fx-15


Casio fx-17. Details.

Casio fx-19

Casio fx-19. Details.

Casio fx-20

Casio fx-20, note the half-height zero used in the display of this model.

Casio fx-21

Casio fx-21.

Casio fx-31

Casio fx-31.

Casio fx-39

Casio fx-39. Details.

Casio fx-101

Casio fx-101. Details.

Casio fx-102

Casio fx-102

Casio fx-110

Casio fx-110. Details.

Casio fx-120

Casio fx-120, inside.

Casio fx-140

Casio fx-140. Details.

Casio H1

Casio H-1. Details.

Casio H-3

Casio H-3

Casio J-1

Casio J-1. Details.

Casio J-2

Casio J-2. Details.

Casio J3

Casio J-3

Casio j-10

Casio J-10. Details.

Casio J20

Casio J20

Casio JR-110

Casio JR-110. Details.

Casio Memory A-1

Casio Memory A-1 (aka H-814).

Casio Memory B-1

Casio Memory B-1.

Casio Memory-8

Casio Memory-8. Details.

Casio Memory-8A

Casio Memory-8A (aka CD-813). Details.

Casio Memory 8-F

Casio Memory 8-F, alternative keyboard version.

Casio Memory-8R

Casio Memory-8R.

Casio Memory-8S

Casio Memory-8S.

Casio Memory-10

Casio Memory-10. Details.

Casio Memory 10-F

Casio Memory 10-F. Details.

Casio Memory 10-GT

Casio Memory 10-GT. Details.

Casio Mini

Casio Mini (the first Casio hand-held calculator and the first of the Casio 'Mini' models). Featured calculator.

Casio Mini

Casio Mini (aka CM-601).

Casio Mini (aka CM-602)

Casio Mini (aka CM-602).

Casio Mini

Casio Mini (aka CM-603), inside. Details.

Casio Mini (aka CM-605)

Casio Mini (aka CM-605).

Casio Mini-8

Casio Mini-8. Details.

Casio Mini-Printer

Casio Mini-Printer, has LED display and paper tape printer.

Casio personal I

Casio personal I.

Casio Personal M1

Casio Personal M1.

Casio Personal Mini (aka CM-606)

Casio Personal Mini (aka CM-606).

Casio Personal Mini (aka CM-607)

Casio Personal Mini (aka CM-607), inside.

Casio Pocket 8

Casio Pocket 8.

Casio Pocket 8S

Casio Pocket 8S

Casio Pocket Mini (P810)

Casio Pocket Mini (aka P810).

Casio Pocket Mini (aka P812)

Casio Pocket Mini (aka P812).

Casio Root-8

Casio Root-8.

Casio Root-8S

Casio Root-8S.

Casio S-1

Casio S1, inside.

Casio ST-1

Casio ST-1, calculator and stop-watch.  Featured calculator.



CB-888, tiny calculator with VFD display.  Featured calculator.

CBM (See Commodore)

CBC (CBC International Group of Companies)

CBC Memory PC2972

CBC Memory PC2972. Details.



CEDEO 832MD. Details.


Century Centurion

Century Centurion.

Century Mark IV (These calculators are reported to have been made for and exclusively distributed by Gulf Oil Mail Order.  An address at Tinley Park, Illinois, U.S.A., is given on one of them.)

Century Mark IV

Century Mark IV, type 1. Details.

Century Mark IV

Century Mark IV, type 2. Details.

Bowmar Century Mark IV

Bowmar Century Mark IV. Made by Bowmar.

Check Tronic (probably not the manufacturer. Please get in touch with us if you know).

Check Tronic

Check Tronic. Featured calculator.

Chinon (Japanese company known for its cameras)

Chinon 1200

Chinon 1200, inside, looks like a small version of the early Sanyo models. Details.

Chinon 1800M

Chinon 1800M. Details.

Chinon Executron 8M

Chinon Executron 8M (marked 8M/2 on rear) (Euro-market model)

CI and C. Itoh (CI Business Machines, and C. Itoh Business Machines. Both "a division of C. Itoh & Co. Ltd., Tokyo, Japan")

C Itoh CI 800 calculator

CI 800. Details.

CI 8000

CI 8000. Details.

CI 8005

CI 8005. Details.

C.ITOH pocket-8

C.ITOH pocket-8.

Dantron 8001

Dantron 8001 (C. Itoh). Details.

Citaco (Citaco Business Machines Ltd., Grand Buildings, Trafalgar Square, London W.C.2.)

Citaco K16

Citaco K16, photo 2, version of Summit K16 obtained in Britain. Featured calculator.

Citizen (Japanese company)

Citizen 800XL

Citizen 800XL

Citizen 801D

Citizen 801D. Details.

Citizen 810R

Citizen 810R

Citizen 820R

Citizen 820R.

Citizen 820SR

Citizen 820SR. Details.

Citizen 831RD

Citizen 831RD. Details.

Citizen 850SR

Citizen 850SR

Citizen Carry M 6

Citizen Carry M 6.

Citizen SRI

Citizen SR I. Details.


Clever 2101

Clever 2101. Details.

CO (This calculator is a bit of a puzzle and this may be part of the model number !)

CO 12 X

CO 12 X. Details .


Coleco Lil Genius

Coleco Lil Genius, calculator-game/teaching aid.

Colex (Hong Kong manufacturer)

Colex 812-SL

Colex 812-SL (here also badged for Busicom). Featured on British Calculator site.

Colex CO832D

Colex CO832D.

Colex ESR

Colex ESR "Electronic Slide Rule".

Colex ESR-70

Colex ESR-70.

Columbia Scientific (Santa Monica, California, U.S.A)

Columbia Scientific


Columbia 2

Columbia 2.

Columbia III M

Columbia III M.

Columbia Scientific - Memory II

Columbia Scientific - Memory II. Details.

Columbia Scientific - Scientific

Columbia Scientific - Scientific

Commodore (CBM - Commodore Business Machines - Canadian/U.S.A. company.  See the Calculator Companies section for more information.  Models may be marked "Commodore" or "CBM".)

Commodore 5R39

Commodore 5R39, inside. Details.

Commodore 9D25

Commodore 9D25

Commodore 9R23

Commodore 9R23

Commodore 9R25

Commodore 9R25, inside. Details.

Commodore 301

Commodore 301.

Commodore 385R

Commodore 385R

3x Commodores

Commodore 385R, Minuteman 6, Minuteman 3 Metric

Commodore 774D

Commodore 774D, inside.

Commodore 776M

Commodore 776M. Featured calculator.

Commodore 784D

Commodore 784D, inside. Details.

Commodore 786D type 1

Commodore 786D, version 1. Details.

Commodore 786D type 2

Commodore 786D, version 2. Details.

Commodore 796

Yellow colored Commodore 796

Commodore 796M

Commodore 796M. Featured calculator.

Commodore 797

Commodore 797 (2 types). Details.

Commodore 797M

Commodore 797M (2 colours). Details.

Commodore 885D

Commodore 885D, inside. Details.

Commodore 886D

Commodore 886D, inside.

Commodore 887D

Commodore 887D.

Commodore 897D

Commodore 897D.

Commodore 899A

Commodore 899A.

Commodore 7923

Commodore 7923.

Commodore C12M

Commodore C12M. Details.

Commodore C110

Commodore C110, version labelled commodore, version labelled cbm.  The first Commodore hand-held calculator, manufactured by Bowmar. Featured calculator.

Commodore F4146R

Commodore F4146R

Commodore F4902

Commodore F4902

Commodore GL-97D

Commodore GL-97D. Details.

Commodore GL-976MR

Commodore GL-976M. (Marked GL 976M on calculator, GL 976MR on instruction leaflet.) Details.

Commodore GL-979D

Commodore GL-979D.

Commodore GL-989R

Commodore GL-989R.

Commodore GL-996R

Commodore GL-996R, inside.

Commodore GL-997RF

Commodore GL-997R, inside.

Commodore GL-997RF

Commodore GL-997RF.

Commodore Minuteman 1

Commodore Minuteman 1

Commodore MM2

Commodore Minuteman 2, aka MM2.

Commodore Minuteman 2PM

Commodore Minuteman 2PM, aka MM2PM.

Commodore Minuteman 3

Commodore Minuteman 3.

Commodore MM2SR

Commodore MM2SR, inside.

Commodore MM3M

Commodore MM3M, inside.

Commodore MM3MT

Commodore MM3MT.

Commodore MM3 Metric

Commodore MM3 Metric, inside, similar to the Control Metric Computer.

Commodore MM3R

JC Penney MM3R and its twin the Commodore MM3R

Commodore MM3S

Commodore MM3S.

Commodore MM6

Commodore MM6.

Commodore N-60

Commodore N-60 navigation calculator, has 60 keys! Featured Calculator.

Commodore P50

Commodore P50.

Commodore PR 100

Commodore PR 100 (two casing types).

Commodore S61

Commodore S61 Statistician, has 60 keys!  Featured calculator.

Commodore SR-36

Commodore SR-36Details.

Commodore SR-1800

Commodore SR-1800, inside.

Commodore SR-4148R

Commodore SR-4148R, two varieties of key.

Commodore SR-4190R

Commodore SR-4190R.

Commodore SR4912

Commodore SR4912, inside, version with alternative key colour. Details.

Commodore SR7919

Commodore SR7919 cream coloured model, black coloured model.

Commodore SR7949

Commodore SR7949, inside. Details.

Commodore SR8120D

Commodore SR8120, inside.

Commodore SR9190R

Commodore SR9190R.

Commodore US*4

Commodore US*4.

Commodore X-24

Commodore X-24. Details.

Compex (Cal-Comp Electronics, Inc.)

Compex 802MD

Compex 802MD. Details.

Compex AK10

Compex AK10.

Compex SR40

Compex SR40

Compex SR-55

Compex SR-55. Details.

Compuad (Australian company)

Compuad H8C

Compuad H8C. Details.

Compuad SSR-2

Compuad SSR-2. Details.



Compuchron gold & stainless steel calculator watches. Featured calculator.

Compucorp (Computer Design Corporation, Los Angeles, U.S.A.  Sold calculators under its own name and was also an OEM supplier to Monroe, Sumlock-Anita, IME, Ricoh.)

Compucorp 320G Scientist

Compucorp 320G Scientist, scientific calculator, labelled for the British Sumlock-Anita company.  Featured calculator.

Compucorp 322G Scientist

Compucorp 322G Scientist, scientific calculator, 80-step programmable, labelled for the Italian IME company.  Featured calculator.

Compucorp 324G Scientist

Compucorp 324G Scientist, scientific calculator, two independent 80-step programmable, labelled for the British Sumlock-Anita company.  Featured calculator.

Compucorp 340 Statistician

Compucorp 340 Statistician, statistics calculator.

Compumatic (Huntsville, Alabama, U.S.A.)

Compumatic 8A

Compumatic 8A. This calculator features in the "One Hit Wonders" article.


Comus C-6

Comus C-6 Diet Calculator, in Diet mode.


Computech M-801

Computech M-801


Concept 24

Concept 24.

Concept Compact

Concept Compact.

Concept V

Concept V. Details .


Concorde M3000

concorde M3000, a 'Standard Type-1' calculator.



Conic. Details .


Continental 1800A

Continental 1800A, inside. Details.


Continental. Details .

Control Metric (Please get in touch with us if you have any information about Control Metric).

Control Metric Computer

Control Metric Computer, inside, similar to Commodore MM3 Metric. Details.

Controller (Electronic Resources Ltd., HongKong)

Controller 8

Controller 8. Details .

Controller 8P

Controller 8P. Details.

Co-op (British consumer co-operative)

Coop 801M

Co-op 801M. Details Featured on British Calculator site.

Corvus (US company)

Corvus 310

Corvus 310

Corvus 312

Corvus 312.

Corvus 400

Corvus 400, Corvus 400 - 2 variations

Corvus 500

Corvus 500.

Corvus 600

Corvus 600. Details.

Corvus 615

Corvus 615, inside showing Mostek MK50312N calculator chip (date coded 7534).  Details.

Corvus 625

Corvus 625.

Corvus Checkmaster

Corvus Checkmaster. Featured calculator.

3 Corvus models

Comaprison of 3 Corvus models - 322, 415, 411.

Corvus 500, 600, 615

Comparison of 3 Corvus models - 500, 600, 615.


Coteco 888

Coteco 888. Details .

Craig (US company)

Craig 4501

Craig 4501. Featured calculator .
Bowmar 901B and Craig 4501 (these were the first hand-held calculators made in U.S.A. - Fall 1971)

Craig 4504

Craig 4504

Craig 4507

Craig 4507 casing 1, casing 2.


Craig 4511A.

Craig 4512

Craig 4512.

Craig 4513

Craig 4513.

Craig 4516

Craig 4516.

Craig 4517

Craig 4517.

Craig 4519

Craig 4519.

Craig 4523

Craig 4523.

Crown Radio

Crown Radio CL-130

Crown Radio CL-130.


Cybernet 6PD

Cybernet 6PD, green VFD & printer.


Cybio 004m

Cybio 004m. Featured calculator .

Vintage Calculators

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