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New Calculators for The Collector's Guide to Pocket Calculators

The Collector's Guide to Pocket Calculators lists over 1,500 models of early pocket calculators from over 220 companies.

If you have an early pocket calculator (from the 1970s with LED, vacuum fluorescent, discharge, or early LCD display, and battery powered) which is not in The Collector's Guide, please email the details as in the list below for inclusion here.

Details for each calculator are required in the format used in the book, and below:
Manufacturer or Trading Company, Model Name or Number (there may be more than one), Functions, Display Type, Battery type (and if rechargeable), Size, Country of Manufacture, any Interesting Features.

A small frontal photograph (jpeg format, about 600 pixels max dimension) of each would be useful and will be included with the details if of good quality.
Please email with details.

New Calculators

Latest Update - latest additions have the date added.

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Japy (French watch manufacturer)

JCE (John Colling Enterprises, U.S. company)

JC Penney (U.S. department store)

JET (We have no information about this company - please get in touch if you know anything)

J.T.A. (sold mail-order by J.T.A. of 7 Weir Road, Balham, London, SW 12)



Karstadt (German company)

Kel-Co (Cannella Corp, Syracuse, NY, U.S.A)


Kessel (Kessel Electronics (HK) Ltd., of Hong Kong, is a company of the Kessel Group)

Keon ("London, Hong Kong, Melbourne")

Keystone (U.S. company - see also Berkey)


King Sonic

Kings Point


Kores (International office supply company based in Vienna, Austria)


KOVAC (KOVAC CORPORATION, Osaka, Japanarketed in Europe)#



Labora Mannheim (German laboratory equipment company)

Lecom (Nothing known about this company, but the name might refer to the London Electricity Company, please get in touch us if you any have information)


Litronix (U.S. company)

Litton (Litton Industries, U.S. company. By 1970 it also owned Monroe, Imperial, Royal, Triumph-Adler.)


Lloyd's and Lloytron (U.S. company, calculators with the Lloytron name are found in Europe. See the Calculator Companies section for more information. Model numbers may be preceded by "Accumatic" or "E").


Logitech (Logitech Inc., Taipai, Taiwan)#

Longines Symphonette




Magiclick (Made and distributed in Spain by eye S.A.)


Mannics (Mannics Industries Corporation, Taipei, Taiwan)#

Mariner (NRC, New York)


Master Calculator Company (U.S. company)

MATAC (We have no information about this company - If you have please get in touch)


Math Master (Epoch Co. Ltd.)

Mathmatic (American Circuitron Inc., Hamden, Conecticut,  U.S.A.)

Mattel (U.S. company)

Mayfair (Mayfair Sound Products Inc., Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.)

MBO (MBO Schmidt & Niederleitner gmbh & Co. KG, Germany)

MD1 and MD2 (found in Europe. No details available about this company. If you have any information please get in touch.)

MEC (Metropolitan International Enterprises Co. Ltd)

Megatone (Iwatani & Co. Ltd., Japan)


Melcor (Melcor Electronics Corp., U.S.A.)

Memory Devices (East Molesey, Surrey, England.)

Memory Master (European market calculator)


Metronic Laboratories (U.S. company)

Micro Instruments & Telemetry Systems (MITS) (U.S. company, famous for being one of the first companies to make home computers.)

Microcifra (fate Electronica, Argentinian company)



Minerva (U.S. company)



Minitron (made in Yugoslavia (now Serbia) by Elektronska industrija-Ni. Designs obtained from Rockwell/ANITA after end of production in Britain.)

Minolta (Japanese camera company)

Mintron (Minsung Electronics Ltd., Seoul, Korea)#

Miracal (P D Labs, 2120 Ronald St., Santa Clara, California, U.S.A.)

MITS - See Micro Instruments & Telemetry Systems

M-OFFICE (A trade name of the Migros supermarket and department store company of Switzerland.)

Monarch (No details available. If you have information about this company please get in touch.)

Monroe-Litton (U.S. company)

Monte Carlo (Manufactured in Hong Kong, possibly by (or distributed by) Collins Industrial Co., Ltd.)


Montgomery Ward

Morse Electrophonic





National (see Panasonic. The brand name often used in the 1970s was National Panasonic)

National Cash Register (NCR) (U.S. company)

National Semiconductor and Novus (U.S. company, some calculators marked National Semiconductor and some marked Novus)

Navtronic see Specialized Electronics Corp.

NCR see National Cash Register.

Nestler (German office equipment company)



New Bright (Shinsho Sangyo Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan)




Novus - see National Semiconductor.




Office International (We have no information about this company - If you know anything please drop us a line.)

Okhai (Scottish company)

Olivetti (Italian company)

Olympia (German company, subsidary of AEG-Telefunken. Some early models made in Japan by Matsuhita[1], and so resemble Panasonic models.)

Omron (Omron Tateisi Electronics Co., Japan)

Ordibel Collators

Orion (please let us know if you have any information about this company).



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Key to Abbreviations

4-funct = 4 basic mathematical functions (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)
sci-funct = scientific or engineering functions (logarithmic and trigonometric functions such as log, sine, and cosine and usually memory, square, pi, etc.)
mem = memory
% = percent function
exp = exponent
paren = parentheses
pi = pi value
recip = reciprocal
sgn chg = sign change
sq rt = square root
sq funct = square functions (including square and square root)

Battery Type:
button rep batt = very small, disk-shaped, replaceable batteries commonly termed button-types, used mainly in LCD models.
rep batt = replaceable batteries (such as 9V, AA, C, and N batteries)
rep batt pack = replaceable batteries in a removable pack
sealed batt = rechargeable batteries sealed in the case
sealed batt pack = rechargeable batteries in a removable pack

Display Type:
See the section on Calculator Displays for more detailed information.
Displays have 8 digits unless specified otherwise.

COS-LCD = Early Liquid Crystal Display from Sharp showing silver digits on a dark background. COS stands for Crystal on Substrate. This display was used as early as October 1973 but eventually was phased out.
fluor = see VFD.
Gas discharge = Display containing all digits sealed in a single package employing  gas discharge to generate light in the same way as a neon lamp. Normally give amber- or orange-colored digits, and typified by the Panaplex® used by a few calculator manufacturers.
LCD = Liquid Crystal Display, a flat, gray-digit type of display type that uses less power and was embraced by calculator makers by the end of the 1970s. Early versions (used in the early 1970s) by Rockwell and Sharp are included in this guide.
LED = Light Emitting Diode display (usually red although sometimes a purple filter was used to color the display). LEDs often have small half bubble-like covers over the digits. tube or mini-tube = separate vacuum or fluorescent tube for each digit of display.
Yellow LCD = Early LCDs had a reliability problem with ultra-violet light and manufacturers used a yellow-colored filter over the normally gray display to remedy that. Refinements in later LCD designs removed the need for the filter.
VFD = Vacuum Fluorescent Display. Display containing all digits sealed in a single tube generating light from an electrical discharge onto a fluorescent material. The color of the digits is normally green or blue, or somewhere in between.

Other Information:
Klixon keypad = Texas Instruments Klixon® keypad was one of the earliest keypads and used greatly by Bowmar and a few other early calculator makers. It had the four basic functions and used metal key pads about 1/2" square.
Japan (for example) = country of manufacture as stated on calculator
RPN = Reverse Polish Notation, a method of calculating and user data entry used by HP calculators. A few other manufacturers also used RPN in more limited scale.
"aka" (also known as) is used when there is another name or model variation on the calculator.
"c" (for example, c1973) is used as "circa," denoting at approximately that time.


A big thanks to Thomas Brockmeier, Richard Brooks, Andrew Davie, Larry Gilbert, Niels Grot, Palmer Hanson, Steve Haynes, Robert King, Kent King, Jeff Lane, Philippe Leckler, Ken Meine, Bob Patton, James Redin, and CB Wilson for their help.


How to Buy the Book!!!!

Collector's Guide to Pocket Calculators

by Guy Ball and Bruce Flamm

This 204 page, softcover book is the world's most comprehensive listing of electronic pocket calculators from the 1970's, the so-called Golden Age of Pocket Calculators. Over 1,500 known calculators are detailed with information on features, size, display type, power type, and pricing. In addition, when known, the listing also contains date of sales, original pricing, and country of origin information.

The book features over 470 photographs of various models from over 240 manufacturers around the world (including calculators from lesser-known companies in England, Switzerland, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Bulgaria, and Russia).

"The Collector's Guide to Pocket Calculators" includes a comprehensive value guide to help you gauge rarity and desirability of the various models -- especially as they relate to each other.

The book can be purchased for $23.95 plus $4 for USA first class mailing ($2 for US mailing via slower book rate, $6 for first class mailing to Canada and Mexico, and $8 for airmail to other countries). California residents please add $1.86 state sales tax.


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Mail to:
Wilson/Barnett Publishing
P.O. Box 345, Tustin, CA 92781-0345, USA
For additional information, contact co-author Guy Ball for additional details and purchase information.


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