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This page has links to photographs of vintage calculators on this website.
Click on a calculator to see a larger photograph of it, then click on your browser "Back" button to return to this page.
Calculators marked "Details" are not in the book "A Collector's Guide to Pocket Calculators", but details are in the section Calculator Book Addendum on this site.

Abbatron (Euro-market, from Business Electronics Ltd. See also Calcutron.)

Abatron 803

Abatron 803, has unusual large, but thin, keys. Featured British calculator.

Abatron 804

Abatron 804. Featured British calculator .

Abatron 805. Featured British calculator.

Abatron 808

Abatron 808. Featured British calculator.



Academy. Details.


ACC 811A

ACC 811A


Ace MAC-19

Ace MAC-19. Details.

Accuron (Accuron Sendirian Berhad, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Marketed in Europe.)

Accuron 600

Accuron 600. Details.

Accuron 810M

Accuron 810M. Details.

Accuron 841

Accuron 841. Details.

Accuron Executive

Accuron Executive. Details.

Addmaster (U.S. company)

Addmaster Auditor 8KB

Addmaster Auditor 8KB, hybrid AC/battery operation. Featured Calculator.

Addo-X (Swedish company)

Addo-X 9364

Addo-X 9364. Similar to Facit 1111, another version of the Sharp EL-8. Featured Calculator.



Addometer (US made). Featured calculator.

Adler (Similar to Triumph models).

Adler 60

Adler 60, with battery compartment removed.

Adler 80C & 88TS

Adler 80C and 88TS

Adler 80D

Adler 80D.

Adler 81

Adler 81, with case lettering variation, similar to ANITA 811. Featured on sister site.

Adler 81CS

Adler 81CS. Details.

Adler 81S

Adler 81S.

Adler 81SN

Adler 81SN.

Adler 82M

Adler 82M.

Adler 85

Adler 85. Featured on sister site.

Adler 108T

Adler 108T

Adler D100

Adler D100

Adler Lady

Adler Lady. Featured calculator.

Adler Sir

Adler Sir, Adler Sir in wallet holder. Featured calculator.

Adman (Euro-market)

Adman 121

Adman 121. Details.

Adman L-0831T

Adman L-0831T Details.

Advance Electronics (British company)


Advance 80. Featured British calculator.

Advance 82R

Advance 82R (aka Phytron 32). Featured British calculator.

Advance 88

Advance 88, mounted on its AC unit. Featured British calculator.

Advance Mini Executive

Advance Mini Executive. Featured British calculator.

Advance Ruby 800

Advance Ruby 800 (this is also listed under Ruby). Featured British calculator.

Advance Ruby Super Mini 800

Advance Ruby Super Mini 800 (this is also listed under Ruby). Featured British calculator.



AGS-9. Details.


AGS-10. Details.


AGS-15. Details.

Ajax (from British marketing company Acme Electric (Finsbury) Ltd.)


Ajax. Featured British calculator .

Ajax 99

Ajax 99. Featured British calculator .

Ajax 2500

Ajax 2500. Featured British calculator.


Alcor Grand Prix

Alcor Grand Prix Very small calc with a removeable rechargeable battery. Back photo of calc showing unique rechargeable battery which could be charged directly from an AC outlet. Details.

Allianz (German financial company)

Allianz insurance calculator

Allianz insurance calculator, based on the TI Programmable 58, fitted with special program module and keyboard. Featured calculator.


Alltronic 808

Alltronic 808 and Qualitron Ambassador European market


American 1776

American 1776, U.S.A.

aml (aml Distributors Ltd, London)

aml Traveller

aml LE-8 "TRAVELLER". Featured British calculator.


aml LE-8C, inside. Featured British calculator.

aml M-48

aml M-48. Featured British calculator .

ANITA (Stands for "A New Inspiration to Arithmatic" or "A New Inspiration to Accounting".  Made by Sumlock Anita Electronics, a British company, bought by Rockwell)
Note that the sister site to this one is dedicated to ANITA calculators.

Anita 102

ANITA 102 (same case as Rockwell 102). Featured on sister site.

Anita 201

ANITA 201 (same case as Rockwell 201). Featured on sister site.

Anita 202/SR

ANITA 202/SR (same case as Rockwell 202/SR). Featured on sister site.


ANITA 810. Details. Featured on sister site.

Anita 811

ANITA 811 (version 1), ANITA 811 (version 2) (may have been a prototype). Featured on sister site.

Anita 831

ANITA 831. Details. Featured on sister site.

Anita 841

ANITA 841. Details. Featured on sister site.

Anita 851

ANITA 851. Details. Featured on sister site.

Anita 861

ANITA 861, inside. Details. Featured on sister site.

Anita 1011B LSI

ANITA 1011B LSI, really a portable calculator rather than a hand-held calculator. Details. Featured calculator .

Anita 8011

ANITA 8011, made in Yugoslavia, distributed by Fi-Cord International. Featured British Calculator.

Anita 8041

ANITA 8041, made in Yugoslavia, distributed by Fi-Cord International. Featured British Calculator.



APCO EC-808, 4-function, red LED.

APF (Large American calculator marketing company - models made in various countries - 1972-74. For more information see the Calculator Companies section of this site.)


APF Mark III, inside. Details.

APF Mark V

APF Mark V. Featured calculator .

APF Mark 10

APF Mark 10

APF Mark 14 Memory

APF Mark 14 Memory.

APF Mark 25

APF Mark 25.

APF Mk 26

APF Mk 26.

APF Mk27

APF Mk 27.

APF Mark 32

APF Mark 32.

APF Mark 40

APF Mark 40.

APF Mark 42

APF Mark 42.

APF Mark 55

APF Mark 55.

APF Mark 60 Executive

APF Mark 60 "Executive".

APF Mark 71

APF Mark 71. Details.

APF Mark 74

APF Mark 74.

APF Mark 75

APF Mark 75

APF Mark 84

APF Mark 84.

APF Mark 90

APF Mark 90

APH (American Printing House for the Blind Inc.)

APH Student Speech+

APH Student Speech+, a version of the TSI Speech+ talking calculator for the blind. Featured calculator.

Apollo (US made)

Apollo ARC-8200NC

Apollo (aka ARC-8200NC).

Apollo II

Apollo II (aka NRC-9270), inside, similar to the Power calculator, the circuit board is marked "TEAL HEC-8S" indicating that this calculator was made by TEAL. Details.


Argyle 3

Argyle 3

Arabic calculator (calculator with Arabic markings of unknown manufacture)

Arabic calculator

Calculator with Arabic markings, of unknown manufacture.

Aristo (German company)

Aristo 16

Aristo 16

risto M36

Aristo M36 (keypad version 1), Aristo M36 (keypad version 2)

Aristo M16

Aristo M16, two variations. Details.

Aristo M64

Aristo M64. Featured calculator .

Aristo M66S

Aristo M66S. Featured calculator.

Aristo M75

Aristo M75

Aristo 85 and 27

Aristo 85 and 27 models

Aristo M85S

Aristo M85S


Atlas R200

Atlas R300A

Atlas R300A

Atlas R2000

MBO Manager and Atlas R2000

Atlas-Rand (similar to Berkey and Keystone models)

Atlas-Rand 240

Atlas-Rand 240. Featured calculator.

Atlas-Rand 290

Atlas-Rand 290. Details.


Aurora DC-10

Aurora DC-10.

Vintage Calculators

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