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This page has links to photographs of vintage calculators on this website.
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Calculators marked "Details" are not in the book "A Collector's Guide to Pocket Calculators", but details are in the section Calculator Book Addendum on this site.

UDM - See Universal Data Machine.



UIT 85X. Featured calculator .


UIT 22SP Euro market, resembles Sinclair designs, no other information, please email if you have any information on the company.

Unico (H-803A instruction booklet says "Wah Chang Group of Companies. Manufactured by United Electronic Engineering Corp. Wah Chang Corporation is a manufacturing company based in Albany in the U.S. state of Oregon. United Electronic Engineering Corp. is a Singapore company.")

Unico H-803A

Unico H-803A. Details.

Unico P-805

Unico P-805. Details.

Unico R-846

Unico R-846 made in Singapore.

Unicom (USA company, bought out by Rockwell c.1972)

Unicom 102

Unicom 102. Featured calculator .

Unicom 103

Unicom 103.

Unicom 104+

Unicom 104+, inside.

Unicom 201

Unicom 201

Unicom 801

Unicom 801.

Unifive Industries Corporation (U.S.A. manufacturer)

Data Brain II (aka 301)

Unifive 301 aka "Data Brain II" (similar to Calfax Data Brain II).

Unifive 301 aka “Magic Slate”

Unifive 301 aka "Magic Slate".

UniMark (U.S.A. marketer)

UniMark 805T

UniMark 805T. Details.

Union Carbide (U.S. chemical company)

Union Carbide

Union Carbide (probably a promotional item). Details.

Unisonic (Note: many Unisonic models have a number on the front (840) and a variation number on the back (840-C). Often there was a difference in the features or keys of the model from another variation of the same basic model number.)


Unisonic, no model # shown, if you have info on model #, please email.

Unisonic 21 “Blackjack”

Unisonic 21 "Blackjack", blackjack game.

Unisonic 676

Unisonic 676. Details.

Unisonic 711

Unisonic 711.

Unisonic 737

Unisonic 737.

Unisonic 738

Unisonic "Slide Rulette" 738

Unisonic 740

Unisonic 740 ("740-B" on back).

Unisonic 790RM

Unisonic 790RM.

Unisonic 811

Unisonic 811, green VFD.

Unisonic 811C

Unisonic 811C, red LED.

Unisonic 840-C

Unisonic 840

Unisonic 890

Unisonic 890 ("890-A" on back).

Unisonic 911L

Unisonic 911L.

Unisonic 931-B

Unisonic 931-B.

Unisonic 940

Unisonic 940.

Unisonic 1048R

Unisonic 1048R. Details.

Unisonic 1299R

Unisonic 1299R.

Unisonic 1511L

Unisonic 1511L.

Unisonic 1542L

Unisonic 1542L.

Unisonic CB-14

Unisonic CB-14.

Unisonic Mini

Unisonic Mini. Details.

Unisonic "Slide Rulette" 888

Unisonic "Slide Rulette" 888

Unitra Eltra (Polish company)

Unitra Eltra BRDA 10U

Unitra Eltra BRDA 10U. Details.

Unitra Eltra BRDA 11U

Unitra Eltra BRDA 11U, inside. Details.

Unitra Eltra BRDA 12U

Unitra Eltra BRDA 12U, inside. Details.

Unitra Eltra K-741

Unitra Eltra K-741. Details.

Unitra Eltra K-741M

Unitra Eltra K-741M. Details.

Unitra Eltra K-765M

Unitra Eltra K-765M. Details.

Unitrex (EIKO Business Machine Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan)


Unitrex 80KF

Unitrex 92SR

Unitrex 92SR, scientific 'Slide Rule' calculator. Details.

Unitrex 95SL

Unitrex 95SL

Unitrex 801MR

Unitrex 801MR (with malfunctioning display).

Unitreax 901R

Unitrex 901R.

Unitrex 902AS

Unitrex 902AS.

Unitrex 902RM

Unitrex 902RM

Unitrex Mini Calculator

Unitrex Mini Calculator.



Unitrex mini handy 80M

Unitrex mini handy 80M.

Universal (IEE (Industrial Electronics & Engineering Ltd.), Singapore.  Euro-market)

Universal 101

Universal 101. Details.

Universal 202

Universal 202.

Universal Data Machine (UDM) (Chicago, U.S.A.)


Universal Data Machine (UDM) 9V9.

Universal Data Machine EXPONENT VIII

Universal Data Machine EXPONENT VIII, rear. Details.


Universal Data Machine (UDM) TKB001, photo2, inside,  made in USA, very early (1971-72).


Universal Data Machines TKB 0001 and TKB 02

Unknown manufacturer/distributor (If you can provide any information about these please contact us).


Unknown 2 , Child's Teaching Speaking Calculator. Featured calculator.


Unknown 3, tiny calculator, inside. Featured calculator.

Unknown scientific model

Unknown 4, tiny scientific calculator, inside. This appears to be a partly assembled kit calculator with some components missing, including keys. Featured calculator.


TC-8M. Details .




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