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This page has links to photographs of vintage calculators on this website.
Click on a calculator to see a larger photograph of it, then click on your browser "Back" button to return to this page.
Calculators marked "Details" are not in the book "A Collector's Guide to Pocket Calculators", but details are in the section Calculator Book Addendum on this site.

T Reaserch (Italian company?)

T Research 887D

T Research 887D, similar to Commodore 887D. Details.

Tabulex (Euro-market company - may have had a connection with Hanimex)


Tabulex (model # unknown)

Tabulex 880

Tabulex 880

Tabulex 666

Tabulex 666. Has membrane keypad, is similar to the Prinztronic C15. Details.

Tabulex gamma

Tabulex gamma. Details.

Taktile (Made in England by Advanced Telecommunications Equipment Ltd. (ATE))

Taktile 1200

Taktile 1200, similar to Triton 1200. Featured on British Calculator site.

Taktile 2001M

Taktile 2001M. Featured on British Calculator site.

Tamaya (Japanese company)

Tamaya NC-2

Tamaya NC-2 Astro Navigation Computer. Featured calculator.

Tamaya NC-77

Tamaya NC-77 Digital Navigation Computer. Featured calculator.

Tandy (Tandy Corporation was the parent company of Radio Shack. Calculators were sold under the Tandy name in Europe and probably Australia).

Tandy EC-330

Tandy EC-330, identical to the Radio Shack EC-330.

Tatung (Taiwanese electrical and electronics company.)

Tatung 806

Tatung 806, inside. Details.

TC (Probably not the manufacturer. If you have any information please get in touch)


TC-8M. Details .

TEAL (Manufactured by Tokyo E lectronic Applications Laboratory, of Tokyo, Japan, and marketed in the U.S.A by Teal Industries Inc., of Carson, California, U.S.A.  See the Calculator Companies section for more information.)

Teal Technipet 813

TEAL Technipet 813. Details.

Teal 806

TEAL 806.

Teal 826

TEAL 826.

Teal K-80M

TEAL K-80M. Details.

Teal LE-8

TEAL LE-8, identical to the TEALTRONIC LE-8, below Details.

Teal LE-8 President

TEAL LE-8 President. Details.

Teal SR85


TEALTRONIC (British marketing company, which specialised in TEAL calculators.)

Tealtronic 4519

TEALTRONIC 4519. Featured on British calculator site.

Tealtronic K80M  (type 1)

TEALTRONIC K-80M (type 1), similar to the TEAL K-80M but without the battery condition meter. Featured on British calculator site.

Tealtronic K80M  (type 2)

TEALTRONIC K-80M (type 1). Featured on British calculator site.


TEALTRONIC LE-8. Identical to the TEAL LE-8, above. Featured on British calculator site.

Tealtronic SM-8

TEALTRONIC SM-8. Featured on British calculator site.

TEC (Taihan Electric Wire Co., Ltd., Korea)


TECCAL MINI-806. Details.



Technico 44SR.

Technico Pocket Mini

Technico Pocket Mini aka 6SL. Details.


tecnosonic 110

tecnosonic 110. Details.

TECO (Tongyuan Electric and Machinery Co., Ltd., Taiwan)

TIE 8023

TE 8023, inside, uses the Mostek MK5010P early "calculator-on-a-chip". Details.

Teco TE8050D

Teco TE8050D


TEL Elektron Mark I

TEL Elektron Mark I, inside. Details.


Tenko ECL-12M

TENKO ECL-12M, inside. Details.

Texas Instruments (See the Calculator Companies section for more information. There are photographs of all vintage Texas Instruments calculators at

Texas Instruments Able-IV

Texas Instruments Able-IV.

Texas Instruments Business Analyst I

Texas Instruments Business Analyst I.

Concept I

Texas Instruments Concept I

Texas Instruments Exactra 19

Texas Instruments Exactra 19.

Exactra 20

Texas Instruments Exactra 20, inside.

Exactra 21

Texas Instruments Exactra 21

Exactra 19, 22, 23

Texas Instruments Exactra series. Models 19, 22, 23

Lady 1200

Texas Instruments Lady 1200

Texas Instruments Navigatronic

Texas Instruments Navigatronic (mounted in box), with program cards. Featured calculator

TI Programmer

Texas Instruments Programmer, with octal and hexadecimal modes for computer programmers. Featured in the Non-decimal Calculator Section.


Texas Instruments SR-10, The first Texas Instruments electronic "Slide Rule". Featured calculator.

Texas Instruments SR-10 clones

Texas Instruments SR-10 clones, left to right:
   SR-10 prototype with clear plastic casing.
   SR-10 with the 'SR-10' name inside the display bezel.
   SR-10 with the 'SR-10' name at the top of the keyboard.
   Montgomery Ward P300, aka TXI-8663A.
   Radio Shack EC-425.


Texas Instruments SR-11


Texas Instruments SR-16

Texas Instruments SR-40

Texas Instruments SR-40.


Texas Instruments SR-50

Texas Instruments SR-50A

Texas Instruments SR-50A.

Texas Instruments SR-51

Texas Instruments SR-51, rear, full outfit.

Texas Instruments SR-51A

Texas Instruments SR-51A.

Texas Instruments SR-51-II

Texas Instruments SR-51-II.

Texas Instruments SR-56

Texas Instruments SR-56 (aka SR-56 Programmable)

TI T-1225_1_tlr

Texas Instruments T-1225, only sold through True Value Hardware stores.


Texas Instruments TI-30. Featured calculator.

Texas Instruments TI-33

Texas Instruments TI-33, European market calculator.


Texas Instruments TI-41.

Texas Instruments TI-45

Texas Instruments TI-45. Details.


Texas Instruments TI-51 (Euro-market model)

Texas Instruments TI-51 III

Texas Instruments TI-51-III.

Texas Instruments TI-57

Texas Instruments TI-57, inside.


Texas Instruments Programmable TI-58. Featured calculator.

TI-59 and PC-100 printer unit

Texas Instruments TI-59 and PC-100 printer unit

TI-76 "THE SPIRIT of '76"

Texas Instrument TI-76 "THE SPIRIT of '76" (Shows transistor radio and calculator made to celebrate USA bicentennial in 1976).

Texas Instruments TI-1000

Texas Instruments TI-1000.

Texas Instruments TI-1050

Texas Instruments TI-1050.

Texas Instruments TI-1200

Texas Instruments TI-1200, inside.


Texas Instruments TI-1205


Texas Instruments TI-1225 - See T-1225.

Texas Instruments TI-1250

Texas Instruments TI-1250, inside.

Texas Instruments TI-1265

Texas Instruments TI-1265, inside.

Texas Instruments TI-1270

Texas Instruments TI-1270.


Texas Instruments TI-1500


Texas Instruments TI-1600


Texas Instruments TI-2000 (from Italy)


Texas Instruments TI-2500 'Datamath' (TIs first production electronic calculator). Featured calculator.


Texas Instruments TI-2500B 'Datamath'. Featured calculator.

TI-2500 II Datamath II

Texas Instruments TI-2500 II 'Datamath II'. Featured calculator.

Texas Instruments TI-2510

Texas Instruments TI-2510. Featured calculator.

Texas Instruments TI-2511

Texas Instruments TI-2511. Featured calculator.

Texas Instruments TI-2550

Texas Instruments TI-2550.

TI 2550-IV

Texas Instruments TI-2550-IV. Details.

Texas Instruments TI-5050M

Texas Instruments TI-5050M, printing calculator.


Texas Instruments LC2500 "Minimath" (full view), Texas Instrument's LCD version of the Datamath from late 1972 (prototype or very limited production model).
Close-up of LCD display
Featured calculator .

USMC Harrier

USMC Harrier VSTOL/REST Calculator. Featured calculator.




Texet (British calculator marketing company)

Texet 1

Texet 1. Featured calculator .

Texet 803PM

Texet 803PM. Details.

Texet 880M

Texet 800M. Featured on British calculator site.

Texet 880 Executive

Texet 880 ExecutiveFeatured on British calculator site.

Texet 880A

Texet 880 Executive (aka 880A). Featured on British calculator site.

Texet 1200 STUDENT

Texet 1200 STUDENT. Featured on British calculator site.

Texet 1500

Texet 1500Featured on British calculator site.

Texet 1800

Texet 1800  Featured on British calculator site.

Texet Gyro-1

Texet Gyro-1, bears family resemblance to the Toho Gyro-3. Featured on British calculator site.

Texet L-0831T

Texet L-0831T. Featured on British calculator site.

Texet Pocket-8M

Texet Pocket-8M. Featured on British calculator site.

Texet Pocket-8MR

Texet Pocket-8MR. Featured on British calculator site.


Texet SCIENTIFIC 2001. Featured on British calculator site.

Texet Secretary

Texet Secretary. Featured on British calculator site.

Texet Student

Texet Student. Featured on British calculator site

Texet Trader

Texet Trader. Featured on British calculator site.

TKS 2002 (TKS Corporation, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.)

TKS-2002 812N

TKS-2002 812N.

TKS-2002 814M

TKS-2002 814M, inside. Details.


TKS-2002 835MD

Toho (Toho Tsusho Co. Ltd., Japan)

Toho Censor 3

Toho Censor 3

Toho Gyro-3

Toho Gyro-3. Details.

Tohotronic Roger F-1

Tohotronic Roger F-1.

Tohotronic Roger F-5

Tohotronic Roger F-5


Toko Mini 8

Toko Mini 8.


Topaz 888

Topaz 888. Details.

Toshiba (See the Calculator Companies section for more information.)

Toshiba BC-0801B

Toshiba BC-0801B, inside, the first Toshiba hand-held electronic calculator, early 1972. Featured calculator.

Toshiba BC-0804B

Toshiba BC-0804B.

Toshiba BC-0806B

Toshiba BC-0806B, rearJul. 23.

Toshiba BC-0808B

Toshiba BC-0808B, inside.

Toshiba BC-602L

Toshiba BC-602L.

Toshiba BC-812

Toshiba BC-812. Details.

Toshiba BC-815

Toshiba BC-815, inside.

Toshiba BC-1020PV

Toshiba BC-1020PV. Details.

Toshiba BC-1021PV

Toshiba BC-1021PV

Toshiba BC-8018

Toshiba BC-8018.

Toshiba BC-8111B

Toshiba BC-8111B.

Toshiba BC-8112SR

Toshiba BC-8112SR. Details.

Toshiba SC-6100

Toshiba SC-6100.

Transonic (we have no information about this company. If you can help please get in touch.)

Transonic C15

Transonic C15, inside. Details.

Transonic mini

Transonic mini. Details.

Tricom (we have no information about this company. If you can help please get in touch.)



Tri-Star (we have no information about this company. If you can help please get in touch.)

Tri-Star 830MD

Tri-Star 830MD. Details.

Triton - was a registered trade name of Radofin. See Radofin.

Triumph (Similar to Adler models)

Triumph 80C

Triumph 80C.

Triumph 81

Triumph 81, with case lettering variation, similar to ANITA 811. Featured on sister site.

Triumph 81SN

Triumph 81SN. Details.

Triumph 88T

Triumph 88T.

Triumph 109T

Triumph 109T

Triumph Lady

Triumph Lady

Triumph Sir and Sir SR

Triumph Sir and Sir SR


Tryom CC-7000

Tryom CC-7000 (aka. Electronic Chess).

TSI (Telesensory Systems Inc.)

TSI Speech+

TSI Speech+ (US made, very early voice synthesizer calculator). Featured calculator.

Vintage Calculators

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