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This page has links to photographs of vintage calculators on this website.
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Calculators marked "Details" are not in the book "A Collector's Guide to Pocket Calculators", but details are in the section Calculator Book Addendum on this site.

Panasonic (Japanese company, also used the name "National Panasonic" and made calculators for Olympia)

Panac P-1

National Panasonic Panac P-1 (aka JE-8801). Details.

National Panasonic Panac S-1 (aka JE-5001)

National Panasonic Panac S-1 (aka JE-5001).

Panasonic JE-170U

Panasonic JE-170U. Details.

Panasonic 660

Panasonic 660.

Panasonic 830

Panasonic 830 (JE-830U)

Panasonic 840

Panasonic 840 (JE-840U), inside.

Panasonic 850

Panasonic 850

Panasonic 885

Panasonic 885.

Panasonic 2100

Panasonic 2100 (aka JE-2100U)

Panasonic 8210

Panasonic 8210 "Electronic Ruler" - with a rolling "tip" that measures dimensions.

Panasonic JE-2002U

Panasonic JE-2002U.

Panasonic JE-6220U

Panasonic JE-6220U. Details.

Panasonic JE-8000U

Panasonic JE-8000U. Details.

Panasonic 8203

Panasonic 8203 (JE-8203) (and Olympia CD46 (Euro-market))

Panasonic 8204

Panasonic 8204Details.

Panasonic JE-8221U

Panasonic JE-8221U. Details.

Penney Memo (Euro-market)

Penney Memo 855

Penney Memo 855

Philips (Dutch mulinational. Calculators sold in a few countries).

Philips P-84

Philips P-84. Details.

Phoenix - see Iain Jones International

Phytron (British marketing company)

Phytron 32

Phytron 32, inside. Featured British calculator.


Pico PA 90D

Busicom PA-80S, Pico PA 90D, Vista Z48P


Piratron P-20

Piratron P-20. Details.

Plustronics (British marketing company)

Plustron 81M

Plustron 81. Featured British calculator .

Plustron 108

Plustron 108. Featured British calculator .

Plustron 308

Plustron 308. Featured British calculator .

Plustron 508

Plustron 508. Featured British calculator .

Plustron 608

Plustron 608. Featured British calculator .

Plustronic 636

Plustronic 636. Featured British calculator.

Plustron 808

Plustron 808. Featured British calculator.

Plustron 908

Plustron 908. Featured British calculator.

Plustron Educational 1

Plustron Educational 1, calculator and educational tool. Featured British calculator.

Plustron fleximind

Plustron fleximind, calculator and "Mastermind" type game. Featured British calculator.

Plustronic LE-806

Plustronic LE-806. Featured British calculator.

Plustronic SM838M

Plustronic SM838M.

Power (if you have any information about the company marketing this model please get in touch)


Power, inside, similar to Apollo II, the circuit board is marked "TEAL HEC-8S" indicating that this calculator was made by TEAL. Details.

POWERS10 (Woodland Hills, CA, U.S.A.)

Powers 10

POWERS10. Featured calculator.


PrintaBowmar 1530

PrintaBowmar 1530 (aka. Printaform 1530).

Prinztronic (a trade name of Dixons, a British photographic and electronic chain store)

Prinztronic 4

Prinztronic 4. Featured British calculator .

Prinztronic 48G

Prinztronic 48G. Featured British calculator .

Prinztronic 80

Prinztronic 80. Featured British calculator .

Prinztronic 88P

Prinztronic 88P. Featured British calculator .

Prinztronic 99P

Prinztronic 99P. Featured British calculator .

Prinztronic 400

Prinztronic 400. Featured British calculator .

Prinztronic 810N

Prinztronic 810N, inside. Similar to TKS 2000 models. Featured British calculator.

Prinztronic 1001m

Prinztronic 1001m. Featured British calculator .

Prinztronic 8000

Prinztronic 8000. Featured British calculator .

Prinztronic Asset

Prinztronic Asset. Featured British calculator .

Prinztronic C15

Prinztronic C15 type-1 (with membrane keypad), type-2 (with normal keyboard). Featured British calculator.

Prinztronic C20

Prinztronic C20. Featured British calculator .

Prinztronic c-mos 1

Prinztronic c-mos 1. Featured British calculator.

Prinztronic c-mos 8m

Prinztronic c-mos 8m. Featured British calculator .

Prinztronic Converter

Prinztronic Converter. Featured British calculator.

Prinztronic Countdown

Prinztronic Countdown. Featured British calculator.

Prinztronic Financial

Prinztronic Financial. Featured British calculator.

Prinztronic LE-808P

Prinztronic LE-808P. Featured British calculator.

Prinztronic Director

Prinztronic Director MC 1000, yellow LCD calculator & microrecorder. Featured British calculator.

Prinztronic M

Prinztronic M. Details.

Prinztronic Memory M

Prinztronic M Memory. Featured British calculator.

Prinztronic M300

Prinztronic M300. Featured calculator .

Prinztronic M500

Prinztronic M500. Featured calculator .

Prinztronic M800. Featured calculator .

Prinztronic MC85

Prinztronic MC85. Featured calculator.

Prinztronic MC95

Prinztronic MC95. Featured calculator.

Prinztronic MC99

Prinztronic MC99. Featured calculator .

Prinztronic Micro

Prinztronic Micro. Featured British calculator .

Prinztronic Micro II

Prinztronic Micro II. Featured British calculator.

Prinztronic Micro 8

Prinztronic Micro 8. Featured British calculator.

Prinztronic Mini 7

Prinztronic Mini 7. Featured British calculator .

Prinztronic Mini Scientific

Prinztronic Mini Scientific. Featured British calculator.

Prinztronic MP 300 PI

Prinztronic MP 300 PI. Featured British calculator .

Prinztronic Numberman

Prinztronic Numberman. Featured British calculator.

Prinztronic Numberman M MEMORY

Prinztronic Numberman M MEMORY. Featured British calculator.

Prinztronic P200

Prinztronic P200. Featured British calculator .

Prinztronic P800

Prinztronic P800. Featured British calculator .

Prinztronic Powerman

Prinztronic Powerman. Featured British calculator.

Prinztronic Program

Prinztronic Program. Featured British calculator.

Prinztronic SC1001M

Prinztronic SC1001M. Featured British calculator.

Prinztronic SC2001m

Prinztronic SC2001m. Featured British calculator.

Prinztronic Scientific

Prinztronic Scientific aka 1450. Featured British calculator.

Prinztronic Scientific SC 1500M

Prinztronic Scientific SC1500M. Featured British calculator.

Prinztronic Scientific SC 4001M

Prinztronic Scientific SC4001M. Featured British calculator.

Prinztronic Scientific SC5001M

Prinztronic Scientific SC5001M. Featured British calculator.

Prinztronic SR88M

Prinztronic SR88M. Featured British calculator .

Prinztronic SR99M

Prinztronic SR99M, there are four keyboard versions known - see Featured British calculator.

Prinztronic SR99P. Featured British calculator .

Prinztronic X-15

Prinztronic X-15 version 1, version 2. Featured British calculator.

Prinztronic XJS

Prinztronic XJS. Featured British calculator .

Privileg (a trade name of the German chainstore Quelle International)

Privileg 02921

Privileg 02921

Privileg 82

Privileg 82. Details.

Privileg 85

Privileg 85.

Privileg 585

Privileg 585

Privileg 808D

Privileg 808 "Mini Calculator". Details.

Privileg 812

Privileg 812, inside. (Similar to Caltronic 812 and the soft pouch for this example is marked Caltronic 812).

Privileg 820

Privileg 820

Privileg 848 MD

Privileg 848 MD

Privileg 853M

Privileg 853M

Privileg 856 MD

Privileg 856 MD

Privileg 862M

Privileg 862M

Privileg 863M

Privileg 863M, inside. Details.

Privileg 868MD

Privileg 868MD. Details.

Privileg 880-NC-ESR

Privileg 880-NC-ESR. Details.

Privileg 1080 ERS

Privileg 1080 ERS

Privileg beginner

Privileg beginner. Details.

Privileg mini calculator, model tw305

Privileg mini calculator, model tw305. Details.

Privileg Mini Computer

Privileg Mini Computer (believed to be a relabelled Busicom LE-80AS).

Privileg Sensor

Privileg Sensor (has unusual touch-senistive on/off button).

Privileg SR-57 D-NC

Privileg SR-57 D-NC

Privileg SR-80 D-NC

Privileg SR-80 D-NC


Protronic Model 212

Protronic Model 212 scientific calculator. Details.


Pulsar Calculator Watch

Pulsar Calculator Watch.

Pye (British company - for more information see the British Calculators section)

Pye P-630

Pye P-630. Featured British calculator .

Pye P-640

Pye P-640. Featured British calculator .

Pye P-650

Pye P-650. Featured British calculator .

Vintage Calculators

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