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This page has links to photographs of vintage calculators on this website.
Click on a calculator to see a larger photograph of it, then click on your browser "Back" button to return to this page.
Calculators marked "Details" are not in the book "A Collector's Guide to Pocket Calculators", but details are in the section Calculator Book Addendum on this site.


Karstadt MR40

Karstadt MR40, Karstadt MR40 compared with Teal 813


Keltmace 8D

Keltmace 8D. Details.

Keon ("London, Hong Kong, Melbourne")

Keon KE-003A

Keon KE-003A, photo 2, has very large buttons, and no On/Off switch - press "C" to power on, then powers off automatically if no button pressed for some time. Details .  There is a short article about this calculator on this site.

Kessel (Kessel Electronics (HK) Ltd., of Hong Kong, is a company of the Kessel Group)

Kessel WP3

Kessel WP3

Kessel [CBM] 786D

Kessel [CBM] 786D (Commodore 786D with Kessel label). Details.

Keystone (see also Atlas-Rand and Berkey)

Keystone 88

Keystone 88, has amber gas-discharge display. Featured calculator.

Keystone 108

Keystone 108.

Keystone 350

Keystone 350.

Keystone 390

Keystone 390, has amber gas-discharge display, inside.

Keystone 2010

Keystone 2010

Keystone 2050

Keystone 2050.


Kiankho 006

Kiankho 006. Details.

Kiddy Computer

Kiddy Computer

Kiddy Computer, calculator teaching game.

Kings Point

Kings Point Micro Universal 8410

Kings Point 8410 "Micro Universal", inside. Details.

Kings Point 8412

Kings Point 8412 "Micro Memory".

Kings Point 8414

Kings Point 8414 "Micro Executive". Details.

Kings Point FN-85

Kings Point FN-85 "Financial Computer".

Kings Point KP-9, SC-44F, EC-841

Kings Point KP-9, SC-44F, EC-841

Kings Point SC10

Kings Point SC10. Details.

Kings Point SC11

Kings Point SC-11.

Kings Point SC-40

Kings Point SC-40.

Kings Point SC-44

Kings Point SC-44.

Kings Point SC-44F

Kings Point SC-44F.

KingsPoint SC60

KingsPoint SC-60

King Sonic

King Sonic

King Sonic (model number unknown, "Standard type 1" calculator). Featured calculator.

King Sonic 323

King Sonic 323. Details.

Kit Calculators

Kit Calculator

Calculator made from a Kit, circa 1972


Kitlex MICRO 6

Kitlex MICRO 6. Details.

Konkret (Made by RFT, East German (DDR) company - see also RFT)

konkret 100 and konkret 200

RFT konkret 100 and konkret 200 models

konkret 400 and Elektronika b3-19M

RFT konkret 400 and Elektronika b3-19M

Kores (International office supply company based in Vienna, Austria)

Kores B8

Kores B8. Details.

Kores B8M

Kores B8M. Details.

Kores Novus 821

Kores Novus 821 (rebadged National Semiconductor Novus 821). Details.

Kores Duper 8M

Kores Super 8M. Details.


Kosmos I

Kosmos I, biorhythm calculator. Featured calculator.

Kosmos Astro

Kosmos Astro, calculator and astrological predictions. Featured calculator.


Kovac 809ESR

KOVAC 809ESR, has unusual sliding cover over keyboard, inside. Details.

Kovac F-8PR

KOVAC F-8PR. Details .


Kovac K-82DP

KOVAC K-82DP, inside. Details.

Kovac LE-802

KOVAC LE-802, has unusually large LED display, inside. There is also a version with a "D" key (for refreshing the display). Details.

Kovac pocket mini P-80

KOVAC pocket mini P-80. Details.

Kovac Pocket memory P-81

KOVAC Pocket memory P-81. Details.



Kovac SM-818M

KOVAC SM-818M, inside. Details.

Kovac model ? and SM-1210 M

KOVAC model ? and SM-1210 M

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