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This page has links to photographs of vintage calculators on this website.
Click on a calculator to see a larger photograph of it, then click on your browser "Back" button to return to this page.
Calculators marked "Details" are not in the book "A Collector's Guide to Pocket Calculators", but details are in the section Calculator Book Addendum on this site.

Radio Shack (a Tandy Corporation company, Fort Worth, Texas, U.S.A. See also Tandy.)

Radio Shack EC-200

Radio Shack EC-200, inside.

Radio Shack EC-220

Radio Shack EC-220. Featured calculator.

Radio Shack EC-225

Radio Shack EC-225 (type 1, red LED).

Radio Shack EC-225 (type 2)

Radio Shack EC-225 (type 2, yellow LCD) "Statesman Thin LCD", rear. Details.

Radio Shack EC-226

Radio Shack EC-226

Radio Shack EC-281

Radio Shack EC-281.

Radio Shack EC-312 “ASTRO”

Radio Shack EC-312 "ASTRO", astrological calculator (photo in "Astro" mode).

Radio Shack EC-350

Radio Shack EC-350.

Radio Shack EC-415

Radio Shack EC-415.

Radio Shack EC-475

Radio Shack EC-475.

Radio Shack EC-490

Radio Shack EC-490.

Radio Shack EC-4001

Radio Shack EC-4001. Featured calculator.

Radofin (Radofin Electronics (F.E.) Limited, Kowloon, Hong Kong. London office: King Street, London, W6. Triton was a registered trade name of the company).

Radofin 8P

Radofin 8P.

Radofin 870

Radofin 870

Radofin 1000 “Triton”

Radofin 1000 "Triton". Details.

Triton 1200, resembles Taktile 1200. Featured British calculator.

Radofin Triton 1400

Radofin Triton 1400. Featured British calculator.

Radofin 1515

Radofin 1515. Featured British calculator .

Radofin 1610 “Valuman”

Radofin 1610 "Valuman". Featured British calculator.

Radofin 1640

Radofin 1640. Details.

Radofin 1660

Radofin 1660. Featured British calculator .

Radofin 1720

Radofin 1720.

Radofin 2200

Radofin 2200, style 1.

Radofin 2200

Radofin 2200, style 2.

Radofin 2500

Radofin 2500. Details.

Radofin 2560

Radofin 2560.

Rambler (please get in touch if you have any information about the company)


Rambler. Details.

Ramsgate (Ramsgate Inc., Eveleth, Minnesota, U.S.A.)

Ramsgate M-11

Ramsgate M-11. This calculator features in the "One Hit Wonders" article.

Rapid Data (See the Calculator Companies section for more information.)

Rapid Data Dataman 800

Rapid Data Rapidman 800, also available in green and in cream. Featured calculator.

Rapid Data Rapidman 801

Rapid Data Rapidman 801.

Rapid Data Rapidman 812

Rapid Data Rapidman 812.


Rapidex 710

Rapidex 710.

RBM (U.S. company)

RBM Scientific

RBM Scientific, inside. This calculator features in the "One Hit Wonders" article.

Realtone (Euro-market company)

Realtone Conversion Master KP-60

Realtone Conversion Master KP-60, inside. Details.

Regan (Regan Industries, Glendale, California, U.S.A.)

Regan RA900P

Regan RA900P. This calculator features in the "One Hit Wonders" article.

Remington - See Sperry Remington

Reno (German company)

Reno 952

Reno 952. Details.

RES (Radient Energy Systems, U.S.A.)


RES Mark IX. Featured calculator .

Revtronic (We have no information about this company. If you can help please get in touch with us.)


Revtronic (no model number). Details.


rex 8

rex 8. Details .

RFT (East German (DDR) company)

RFT konkret 100

RFT konkret 100. Details.

RFT konkret 100 & konkret 200

RFT konkret 100 and konkret 200 models. Details.

RFT konkret 400 & Elektronika b3-19M

RFT konkret 400 and Elektronika b3-19M. Details.

RFT minrex 75

RFT minrex 75. Featured calculator .


RFT MR201, inside.

Ricoh (Japanese company)

Ricoh RC-8A

Ricoh RC-8A.

Ricoh RC-8F

Ricoh RC-8F.

Ricoh RC-8L

Ricoh RC-8L

Ricoh Ricomac X-10

Ricoh Ricomac X-10Details.

Ricoh Ricohmac 1213

Ricoh Ricohmac 1213 (model 7471-22), inside. Details.


RJP 880

RJP 880. Featured calculator .

RMS International

RMS International Zeta 7

RMS International Zeta 7.

Rockwell (USA company, started as calculator IC maker. Also sold calculators under the names Anita and Unicom. See the Calculator Companies section for more information.)

Rockwell 8R

Rockwell 8R. Featured calculator .

Rockwell 9TR

Rockwell 9TR. Featured calculator .

Rockwell 10R

Rockwell 10R.

Rockwell 14RD

Rockwell 14RD.

Rockwell 14RD II

Rockwell 14RD II.

Rockwell 18R

Rockwell 18R.

Rockwell 18T

Rockwell 18T. Details.

Rockwell 20R

Rockwell 20R.

Rockwell 20T

Rockwell 20T. Details.

Rockwell 21R

Rockwell 21R.

Rockwell 22K

Rockwell 22K.

Rockwell 22MS

Rockwell 22MS.

Rockwell 24K II

Rockwell 24K II, inside.

Rockwell 24RD

Rockwell 24RD

Rockwell 24RD II

Rockwell 24RD II.

Rockwell 30R

Rockwell 30R.

Rockwell 31R

Rockwell 31R.

Rockwell 44RD

Rockwell 44RD.

Rockwell 51R

Rockwell 51R "Converter"

Rockwell 61R

Rockwell 61R.

Rockwell 63R

Rockwell 63R.

Rockwell ‘76

Rockwell '76 (calculator made to celebrate USA bicentennial in 1976).

Rockwell 202 Slide Rule

Rockwell 202 Slide Rule.

Royal (Royal Typewriter Company. U.S. company, distributed in Britain by Imperial Typewriter Company, both Litton Industries companies)

Royal 5HPD

Royal 5HPD

Royal 80K

Royal 80K, very small but chunky calculator.

Royal 81M

Royal 81M, very small but chunky calculator.

Royal 90S

Royal 90S.

Royal Award GT8

Royal Award GT8.

Royal Countess Royal

Royal Countess Royal.

Royal Digital III

Royal Digital III, inside 1, inside 2, highly unusual 4-digit tube display, operated using a stylus. Featured calculator .

Royal Digital IV

Royal Digital IV, inside1, inside2, 8-digit LED version of the Digital III. Featured calculator.

Royal Digital V

Royal Digital V. Featured British calculator .

Royal Digital 5-M

Royal Digital 5-M (Appears to be the same as the Royal Award GT8). Featured British calculator.

Royal Digital 5-T

Royal Digital 5-T. Featured British calculator.

Royal Five GT

Royal Five GT. Featured British calculator .

Royal Mini Five

Royal Mini Five. Featured British calculator.

Royal RC-80

Royal RC-80Details.

Royal RC-84

Royal RC-84. Details.

Royal RC-87

Royal RC-87. Details.

Ruby (Sola Enterprise Co., Ltd., Taiwan)

Ruby 800

Ruby 800, inside, this example labelled "Advance Electronics Co., Ltd.".  Featured British Calculator.

Ruby 800M

Ruby 800M, this example marketed by Sola Enterprise Co., Ltd. Details.

Ruby Super Mini 800M

Ruby Super Mini 800, this example labelled  "Advance Electronics Co., Ltd.". Featured British calculator.

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