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This page has links to photographs of vintage calculators on this website.
Click on a calculator to see a larger photograph of it, then click on your browser "Back" button to return to this page.
Calculators marked "Details" are not in the book "A Collector's Guide to Pocket Calculators", but details are in the section Calculator Book Addendum on this site.


Baltronic mr

Baltronic mr, a "Standard type 1" calculator.

Barroq (made in Spain)

Barroq F-80

Barroq F-80, inside, made in Spain. Details.


Belltronic ‘76

Belltronic '76 photo1, photo2. Details.


Benkson C1

Benkson C1, Hong Kong. Details.


BenRoss K-80X

BenRoss K-80X. Details.

(USA company - see also Atlas-Rand and Keystone)

Berkey 4030

Berkey 4030.

Berkey Keystone 350

Berkey Keystone 350.

Berkey Omega 100

Berkey Omega 100. Featured calculator.

Binatone (British marketing company)

Binatone 02 4252

Binatone 02 4252. Featured on British calculator site.

Binatone Brainwave

Binatone Brainwave, inside. Featured on British calculator site.

Binatone CADET

Binatone CADET. Featured on British calculator site.

Binatone Mastermind

Binatone Mastermind (aka 02/4503). Featured on British calculator site.

Binatone Memory

Binatone MEMORY. Featured on British calculator site.


Binatone MEMORYMASTER (aka 02-4236). Featured on British calculator site.

Binatone P-805

Binatone P-805.

Binatone President

Binatone President (aka 02-4309). Featured on British calculator site.

Binatone Scientific Slide Rule

Binatone Scientific Slide Rule. Featured on British calculator site.

BMB (Business Machines Breschi, Italian company)

BMB 088

BMB 088. Details

BMB S-25

BMB S-25. Details

BMC (Euro-market)

BMC mark-88

BMC mark-88. Details.

BMS (From eastern Europe)

BMS 112

BMS 112. Details.


BMS SC56. Details.


Bohn Instant

Bohn Instant.

Bohn Omnitrex

Bohn Omnitrex.

Bohn SR1

Bohn SR1


Bohsei 140

Bohsei 140.

Bohsei 3000

Bohsei 3000, see also the "Standard Type 1 Calculator" page.



BOND, tiny LED calculator with rechargeable battery pack which plugs straight into an AC socket. Photo with battery pack. Featured calculator.


Bontronic 2500

Bontronic 2500, tiny LED calculator. Details.

Boots (British chain store - a company featured on British calculator site)

Boots 224 Memory

Boots 224 Memory. Featured on British calculator site.


Boots 424 SCIENTIFIC. Featured on British calculator site.


Boots 425 SCIENTIFIC. Featured on British calculator site.

Boots PD-525

Boots PD-525. Featured on British calculator site.

Bowmar (See the Calculator Companies section for more information.)


Bowmar, no model number, but this is the "Standard 1" calculator design. Unusually made in Hong Kong, not U.S.A.  Details.

Bowmar 901B

Bowmar 901B. Featured calculator.
Bowmar 901B and Craig 4501 (These were the first hand-held calculators made in USA, in Fall 1971).

Bowmar 901B with tan-colored casing

Bowmar 901B with tan-colored casing. Featured calculator.

Bowmar 901D

Bowmar 901D "Ten".

Bowmar_905 (type 1)

Bowmar_905 (type 1).

Bowmar 905 (type 2)

Bowmar 905 (type 2)

Bowmar 90506

Bowmar 90506.

Bowmar 90601

Bowmar 90601 Details.

Bowmar 90911

Bowmar 90911.

Bowmar Century Mark IV

Bowmar Century Mark IV (model 90512). This model could possibly have been made for sale by another company using the "Century Mark IV" trade name.

Bowmar Count

Bowmar Count

Bowmar Mathmate 2

Bowmar Mathmate 2 (3rd digit faulty in this example).  Details.

Bowmar MX25

Bowmar MX25.

Bowmar MX35

Bowmar MX35.

Bowmar MX50

Bowmar MX50.

Bowmar MX55

Bowmar MX55, circuit board.

Bowmar MX70

Bowmar MX70.

Bowmar MX75

Bowmar MX75.

Bowmar MX90

Bowmar MX90.

Bowmar MX100

Bowmar MX100.

Bowmar MX120 “Superbrain”

Bowmar MX120 "Superbrain". Photo 2, showing the attachable, fold-back, keyboard cover.

Bowmar MX140

Bowmar MX140

Bradford (Distributed by W.T. Grant Co., New York)

Bradford 8DPS

Bradford 8DPS

Braun (Germany company)

Braun ET-23

Braun ET-23

Bright - See New Bright

Brinlock (Euro-market)

Brinlock 33

Brinlock 33. Details.

Brinlock 34

Brinlock 34. Details.

Brinlock 806

Brinlock 806. Details.

Brinlock 806MII

Brinlock 806MII. Details.

Brinlock 806MD

Brinlock 806MD


Brother 201

Brother 201. Details.

Brother Procal 408

Brother Procal 408. Featured calculator.

Brother 408AD

Brother 408AD. Details.

Brother 408AY

Brother 408AY

Brother 408AZ

Brother 408AZ

Brother 508A

Brother 508A.

Brother 508AD

Brother 508AD.

Brother 508S

Brother 508S

Brother 508Y

Brother 508Y

Brother Procal 508Z

Brother Procal 508Z. Details.

Brother 518AD

Brother 518AD. Details.

Brother 518ER

Brother 518ER

Brother 827A

Brother 827A.

Brother 863 calculator

Brother 863.

Brunsviga (See the Calculator Companies section for more information.)

Brunsviga 10R

Brunsviga 10R ("Der Braunschweiger")

Brunsviga B22

Brunsviga B22, inside. Details.

Brunsviga EDC-812A

Brunsviga EDC-812A, rear. Details. Jun 23.


BTC Micro4

BTC Micro4. Details.

Busicom (Originally a Japanese company, early calculators were made in Japan, but the company closed in the 1974 and the name was bought by Broughtons of Bristol, UK., which put the Busicom badge on calculators made by others.  See the Calculator Companies section for more information about Busicom.)

Busicom 60DB

Busicom 60DB (note: the display is faulty), inside. Details.

Busicom 118B

Busicom 118B. Featured on British calculator site.

Busicom 612

Busicom 612. Details.

Busicom 801DD

Busicom 801DD

Busicom Colex 812-SL

Busicom-Colex 812-SL. Featured on British calculator site.

Busicom LE-80A “handy”

Busicom LE-80A "handy". Featured calculator.

Busicom LE-100A “handy”

Busicom LE-100A "handy". Featured calculator.

Busicom LE-120A “HANDY-LE”

Busicom LE-120A "HANDY-LE". Featured calculator. The first pocket-size electronic calculator, launched in winter 1970/1971.

Busicom LE-120S “handy”

Busicom LE-120S "handy". Featured calculator.

Busicom PA-80S

Busicom PA-80S, Pico PA 90D, Vista Z48P

Busicom (unknown model number)

Busicom (unknown model number). Featured on British calculator site.

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