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This page has links to photographs of vintage calculators on this website.
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Calculators marked "Details" are not in the book "A Collector's Guide to Pocket Calculators", but details are in the section Calculator Book Addendum on this site.



Eastern 201C

Eastern 201C

Eastern 233

Eastern 233, insideDetails.

Edmund (U.S. mail-order scientific instrument & component company)

Edmund 1945

Edmund 1945, tiny calculator with rechargeable pack which plugs directly into AC. Featured calculator.

Elcon (Waterloo, New South Wales, Australia)

Elcon SC-44

Elcon SC-44, scientific, red LED, Hong Kong.

Eldorado Electrodata (U.S. company)

Eldorado Mathmagic B

Eldorado Mathmagic B

Elektronika (USSR company, see also Elorg. See the Calculator Companies section for more information.)

Elektronika B3-14

Elektronika B3-14. Details.

Elektronika B3-18A

Elektronika B3-18A. Details.

Elektronika B3-19M

Elektronika B3-19M, inside, circuit board, RPN calculator. Details.

Elektronika B3-24G

Elektronika B3-24G.

Elektronika C3-15

Elektronika C3-15. Featured calculator.

Elektronika C3/27 and MK33

Elektronika C3-27 and MK-33. The MK-33 is a very late red LED calculator and is a Featured calculator.

Elektronika MK-18M

Elektronika MK-18M. Details.

Elektronika MK-35

Elektronika MK-35. Details.

Elektronika MK-36

Elektronika MK-36. Details.

Elektronika MK-52

Elektronika MK-52.

Elektronika MK-52 white

Elektronika MK-52, white version.

Elektronika MK-54

Elektronika MK-54.

Elektronika MK57A

Elektronika MK-57A. Featured calculator.

Elektronika MK61

Elektronika MK-61. Featured calculator.

Elektronska idustrija-Nis (Yugoslavian company)

Ei M.P. ALAS 861

Ei M.P. ALAS 861, similar to ANITA 861. Details.

Elite (Euro-marketing company)

Elite 2000R

Elite 2000R

Elite 3002M

Elite 3002M

Elite 4000M

Elite 4000M.

Elite 4003

Elite 4003.

Elite 6001

Elite 6001. Details .

Elite 6002

Elite 6002

Elite 7001SR

Elite 7001SR. Details .

Elite 7002SR

Elite 7002SR

Elite 7004SR

Elite 7004SR

Elite S2001

Elite S2001

Elite S2002

Elite S2002. Details .

Elka (Bulgarian company)

Elka 101

Elka 101. Featured calculator .

Elka 135

Elka 135

(Electronorgtechnika, USSR company, made in USSR, very similar to models made by General Instruments of Canada (see General EZ2000). Possibly USSR company purchased molds and equipment after General quit calculator business.)

Elorg 801

Elorg 801. Featured calculator .

Eltex (Eltex Electronic Company, West Germany)

Eltex 2000

Eltex 2000.

Elwro (Mera-Elwro, Polish company)

Elwro 440 “Bolek”

Elwro 440 "Bolek". Details.

Elwro 480 “Lolek”

Elwro 480 "Lolek". Details.

EMG (believed to be Elektronikus Merokeszulekek Gyara, Hungarian company)

Hunor 86

Hunor 86 (Type 71086), rear, unusually takes 3R12 4.5v replaceable battery.

E Tommy

E Tommy DT-801

E Tommy DT-801


Enterprex 605

Enterprex 605.

Enterprex BJ21

Enterprex BJ21 Black Jack, calculator & game. Details.



Enterprex Z-50

Enterprex Z-50.


Excel TN-85

Excel TN-85. Details .

Excelmate (Euro-marketing company)

Excelmate 108

Excelmate 108. Details .

Execucal (Made in USA by Metronics Laboratories Inc., Wappingers Falls, NY)

Execucal M55

Execucal M55 version with TI Klixon keypad, version with alternative keypad, inside, amber Panaplex discharge display, uses 2x Eveready type 533 4.5v alkaline batteries, "available in 7 colors".


Executron 4M

Executron 4M. Details.

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