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This page has links to photographs of vintage calculators on this website.
Click on a calculator to see a larger photograph of it, then click on your browser "Back" button to return to this page.
Calculators marked "Details" are not in the book "A Collector's Guide to Pocket Calculators", but details are in the section Calculator Book Addendum on this site.

Faber Castell

Faber-Castell TR1

Faber Castell TR1, slide-rule on the back, an electronic calculator combined with a slide-rule.  Featured calculator.

Faber Castell TR1 & TR2

Faber Castell TR2 and TR1, two models of an electronic calculator combined with a slide-rule.

Johann Faber 76

Johann Faber 76, photo 2. Details.

Facit (Swedish company. See the Calculator Companies section for more information.)

Facit 1101

Facit 1101, made in Sweden, has a unique slant style designed to present the keys and display at an ergonomic angle when sitting on a desk. Details.

Facit 1106

Facit 1106, early reflective LCD display, Sharp EL-805S relative. Featured calculator.

Facit 1111

Facit 1111, Sharp EL-8 relative. Featured calculator.

Facit 1140

Facit 1140, output on paper tape.


FactFinder model 2000

FactFinder model 2000. Details.


Federal Compact

Federal Compact. Details.

Federal F-1

Federal F-1. Details.

Federal Memory

Federal Memory. Details.

Felix (made by ICE (╬ntreprinderea de Calculatoare Electronice - "the Electronic Calculator Plant"), Bucharest, Romania))

Felix CE 812

Felix CE 812, rear, inside. Details.

Felix CE 835A

Felix CE 835A (compare with the National Semiconductor 835A). Details.

Felix CE 845

Felix CE 845 "Mathematician", photo 2 (compare with the National Semiconductor Novus 4510 "Mathematician"). Details .

Fi-Cord (Fi-Cord International, Didsbury, Manchester, England. British marketing company)

Fi-Cord MF 8

Fi-Cord MF 8. Featured on British calculator site.

Anita 8011

ANITA 8011. Featured on British calculator site.

Anita 8041

ANITA 8041. Featured on British calculator site.



First. Details .


Flight 880

Flight 880. Details.

Ford Motor Credit Company Ltd.

Ford Motor Credit Company Ltd. Fiesta

Ford Motor Credit Company Ltd. Fiesta. Details.

Friden (see Singer Friden)

Vintage Calculators

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