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Rapid Data

Rapid Data Systems and Equipment Ltd.,
129 Carlingview Dr., Ontario, Canada.

Rapid data was an innovative calculator manufacturer and marketing company of the early to mid- 1970s.

It was reported in 1974[1] that a receiver had been appointed after the company had run into financial and technical problems (related to lack of control over the component technology) and it was in the process of re-financing.


Examples of Rapid Data calculators

Rapidman 800

Rapidman 800.

Introduced at the beginning of 1972, this model uses an innovative one-piece polypropylene casing. It also has an 8-digit LED display with the decimal point fixed to give two places of decimals (which is OK for money calculations). This was one of the first hand-held electronic calculators to sell for under $100 / £40 Sterling.

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Rapidman LC1208

Rapidman LC1208.

Introduced in 1972 this was one of the first LCD calculators, and has reflective digits lit be a filament lamp.
Similar models were sold under the Sears and Lloyd's names, and  appear to have been manufactured by Rockwell.

This is a featured calculator.

For further photographs of Rapid Data hand-held calculators see the Calculator Photo Library on this site.


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