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Litronix Inc., Cupertino, California, U.S.A.

The story of Litronix and its calculators has parallels with Bowmar.  Litronix was also a manufacturer of LED displays which diversified into the manufacture of electronic hand-held calculators in the early 1970s.  The journal 'Electronics' reported[1]:
   "... Litronix Inc. is the newest contender for the pocket-calculator market.  To get set, Litronix acquired an MOS firm, Advanced LSI, and a calculator assembly company, San Diego Electronics.  It was already a leading producer of light-emitting-diode displays.
   The first model, designed to retail for $39.95, is being rushed into production for the Christmas season.  The move is intended to protect the firm against declines in display prices.  Robertson Jones, vice president and treasurer, says that with the acquisitions, Litronix now produces 75% of all the parts in its calculators, further increasing profit potentials.
   How will Litronix market them?  "One thing is sure," Jones says, "we won't use our component reps."  This month, the firm was still weighing the merits of direct or re-brand sales.  Direct sales would be made through distributors and representatives already in the calculator business.
   The next forward-integration effort may be digital watches. ..."

It was a major supplier in the calculator market and produced a range of well specified and stylish models, with later models being assembled in Malaysia.  Like Bowmar it was badly hit by the plunging price of calculators in the mid-1970s and left the calculator market.  The company was bought by Siemens A.G. of Germany.


Examples of Litronix calculators


Litronix Checkmate

Probably the first Litronix model, from around 1973, with fixed decimal point, switchable between 2 and 4 places of decimals.
This is one of the featured hand-held calculators on this site.

Litronix 1100

Litronix 1100.

Another early Litronix model with fixed decimal point, switchable between 2 and 4 places of decimals, introduced in 1973.  Assembled in Malaysia.

Litronix 2230

Litronix 2230.

Typical of the later well specified and  stylish Litronix models with memory and square root, dating from about 1975.  Assembled in Malaysia.

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