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Industria Macchine Elettroniche, Pomezia, Italy

IME was "a company of the Edison group" which produced some of the first all-transistor calculators in the mid-1960s.


Examples of IME calculators

IME 84rc

IME 84rc.

Dating from 1964, the 84rc was one of the first all-transistor calculators, and uses a magnetic core memory.
It is possible to connect remote keyboard and display units so that others could make use of the calculator too, but only one person at a time!

This is a featured calculator.

IME minIME2.

Hand-held model dating from about 1973.

Compucorp 322G Scientist

Compucorp 322G Scientist labelled for IME.
Note that this example is missing its display shade.

Christopher Kavanau has a collection of photographs of early IME electronic desktop calculators on the 'IME S.p.A. PHOTO ARCHIVE' page of his 'MUSEUM OF TRAILING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY' website.  Hover over any picture to read the information about it.

Vintage Calculators

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