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alco Mickey Math

Alco Mickey Math calculator

alco Mickey Math (alco model 18)

Distinctive features: Electronic calculator to appeal to young children.

Technical details:
Display is 6 digits, blue VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display).


Integrated circuit - OMRON HD3639, here date coded 1975.

6v (2-AA batteries).

189 x 189 x 27 mm (7.5" x 7.5" x 1.1").


Made in Japan.

Manufactured by Omron for alco,
P.O.B. 660491 Miami Springs, Florida 33166.

©Walt Disney Productions.

A way of introducing children to using electronic calculators was for the calculator to have an attractive casing featuring Mickey Mouse, a convenient carrying handle, and just the basic four functions.

Alco Mickey Math calculator circuit board

The simple small circuit board takes up little room inside the casing.  It holds the VFD tube showing its six digits, and the OMRON HD3639 calculator integrated circuit, together with a few capacitors, diodes, and resistors.

Other electronic calculators that were attractive to young children were subsequently marketed.


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