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Commodore S61

Commodore S61

Commodore S61.

Distinctive features: Statistical calculator with 60 keys.

Technical details:
Display is scientific, 10 digits mantissa & 2 digits exponent, green fluorescent.

Statistical functions.

Main integrated circuit - MOS MPS 7201, here date coded late 1977.

3.6v (3 x AA) rechargeable.

102 x 158 x 33 mm (4.0" x 6.25" x 1.25").

Made in England (circuit board is made in Japan).

Commodore S61

The Commodore S61 is a bit of a hand full.

Commodore was a prolific manufacturer of calculators in the 1970s culminating in a range of scientific, financial, and statistical calculators with an impressive array of keys.  The large N60 (for navigation calculators) and the S61, here, were the ultimate models having 60 keys, most having more than one function.

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