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Videos of Calculators on YouTube

There are some interesting and educational videos on the YouTube site showingf old calculators in use. These can give a good understanding of how these machines actually operate.


General Calculator Videos

Two videos from Paul R. Schmidt:
"Vintage Calculator Tour":
A video that comprehensively explains the characteristics and use of 26 calculating devices in Paul's collection, "from ancient history until the present".  This especially shows the development of hand-held electronic calculators from the early 1970s to the present, with Paul giving us the benefit of his personal experiences in using them.

"Vintage Calculator Tour, Part 2":
Covers Corvus models 310 & 311, Hewlett Packard HP-35, and especially the Canon Canola 161S desktop calculator with Nixie tube display.  New Nov 16.


"The History Of Calculators Documentary" (from a Japanese perspective):


"The Calculator Wars: A video history of Japan's electronic industry":


"The Pocket Calculator Wars":



Videos of Mechanical Calculators

"How the Arithmometer Works" (stepped-drum mechanism):


"Ingenious Pocket Mechanical Calculator" (using an Addiator):


"How Pinwheel Calculators Work":


"The Original Odhner (Vintage Calculator)" (using a pinwheel calculator, includes finding a square root):


"Hot to use and operate an antique mechanical calculator" (a pinwheel calculator):


"Inside a mechanical calculator" (a pinwheel mechanism):


"How the Comptometer Works":


"How the CURTA Works":


"Square root of 2 on the pepper grinder" (i.e. on a Curta):


"1956 Friden STW 10 Electro-Mechanical Calculator Restoration":


"1956 Friden STW 10 Mechanical Calculator Demo":


"The FACIT CA1-13 Calculator":
Shows the incredibly complicated mechanism, crammed into such a small space of this type of machine, at work.


"How 10-key Adding Machines Work":
An animation which explains how the Remington-Rand Model 73A adding machine works.  The design of the Model 73A is similar that of most 10-key mechanical calculators produced in the 1940's and 50's.


Videos about the Comptometer on Youtube include:



Videos of Electronic Calculators


"Old Sharp Calculator Commercial check out how big they are". Very interesting old advertisements for calculators have started to appear on the YouTube site as video clips. For instance there are videos of the Sharp EL-8 (there called the Sharp LC-8) at and, where it is "the world's smallest electronic calculator".


"ANITA Mk8 vintage electronic desktop calculator demonstration" (operating with covers removed):


"Vintage Friden EC-132 Calculator from 1965":


"42 year old 1967 vintage Casio calculator still working" (shows some of the problems when trying to use a very old Casio AL1000 electronic calculator) :


"Compucorp 322G Calculator Teardown":


"TSI Speech+" (Dale Hill's video of the first speaking calculator in operation):

Vintage Calculators

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