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Adler 1210

Adler 1210

Adler 1210

12 digits, individual green fluorescent tubes.

4-function & memory.

213 mm x 300 mm x 76 mm (8.5" x 12" x 3"), 2.7 Kg (6 lbs.).

Made in Japan for
Adlerwerke AG, Frankfurt/M [Germany].
T-A Vertriebs-GmbH, 85 Nurnberg [Germany].
(Divisions of Litton Industries, Inc.)

Was advertised in early 1971. The circuit board

Adler were manufacturers of typewriters and office equipment. All of their electronic calculators appear to have been made by other companies.

Inside Adler 1210
Underneath Adler 1210

With the cover removed showing the circuit board which carries 48 Medium Scale Integrated-Circuits (MSI DIL).

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