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Canon Canola 1200

Canon Canola 1200

Canon Canola 1200

Note - Has some buttons and switches missing.

12 digit display using Nixie tubes.


265 mm wide, 335 mm deep, 93 mm high (10.5" x 13.5" x 4"), 3.5 Kg (8 lbs.).

Introduced in 1969, cost £348 Sterling (about $835).

The circuit board caries 48 Medium Integrated Circuits (MSI), date coded to early 1970.

Canon were pioneers in the use of Large-Scale Integrated-Circuits (LSI) in pocket calculators around this time (Canon Pocketronic). Large calculators like this with many ICs were rapidly becoming obsolete.

Inside Canon Canola 1200
Underneath Canon Canola 1200

With the cover removed showing the circuit board.

There are more integrated circuits on the underside of the circuit board.

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