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Teal TL-2M

Teal TL-2M

Teal TL-2M

Display is 12 digits, "Nixie" type tubes.

4 functions, memory.

The six main integrated circuits are by Mitsubishi.

226 x 290 x 90 mm. (8.9 x 11.4 x 3.5").


Made in Japan, by Tokyo Electronic Application Laboratory Ltd.

Significance: This calculator requires a six chip chipset to perform the calculator functions.
TEAL (Tokyo Electronic Application Laboratory Ltd.) was a major Japanese calculator manufacturer that produced many models, especially hand-held, for other companies.  It was also a pioneer of the solar-powered calculator with the TEAL Photon.  However, it was one of the casualties of the crash in the prices of calculators in the mid-1970s which caused it to go out of business in 1978.

Teal TL-2M display board

With the cover removed, showing the display board with the 12 "Nixie" type tubes.  The logic board is mounted below it.

The logic circuit board showing the six integrated circuits by Mitsubishi in ceramic packages.

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