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Summit 3114

Summit 3114

Summit 3114

Display is 14 digits, amber gas discharge in 7 modules.

4 function & memory.

277 mm x 266 mm x 70 mm (11" x 10.5" x 3"), 1  Kg (2.25 lbs.).

The circuit board carries 13 Medium-scale integrated circuits (MSI ICs)  and 26 transistors. The 3 gold and ceramic ICs are labelled IST 7061, IST 7062A, IST 7063 and have a logo of a Y in a circle (does anyone know the manufacturer ?). The ICs are date coded to mid-1972.

The main board is by Varadyne, the display is by Commodore, and the keyboard by Controls Research Corp.

The fascinating story of Summit and its hand-held calculators is given in the article "Summit: a Man and the Idea" in the Collecting Calculators section of this site.

Inside Summit 3114

With the cover removed showing the circuit boad and display.

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