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Friden EC1117

Friden EC1117

Singer-Friden EC1117

Display is 12 digits, using discharge tubes.

4 function & memory.

Made in the Japan (by Hitachi) for Singer-Friden of the USA about 1971-73.

276 mm x 360 mm x 118 mm. (11" x 14" x 4.5").

Has a single circuit board with 9 Large Scale Integrated Circuits (LSI) by Hitachi.

The journal Electronics Design announced this "Inexpensive calculator" in August 1971, at a cost of US$545, and a British list of November 1971 gives a price of £288 Sterling.

By this time in the evolution of Friden calculators (see the earlier EC-132 and EC-1114 models) the use of a few LSI ICs had drastically reduced the number of electronic components. This would progress much further (Friden 1234), but Singer-Friden would soon leave the calculator market.

Inside Friden EC1117

With the cover removed to show the 9 integrated circuits and the display tubes.

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